Pharrell, Paramore and more perform for 'We Can Survive'


We Can Survive 2014

CBS and AMP Radio’s second annual We Can Survive concert did not disappoint last Friday night (Oct. 24). Performers including Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Iggy Azalea, and more had the Hollywood Bowl completely sold out. The only male headliner and show-closer, Pharrell Williams, gave the biggest acknowledgement to the concert’s motivation, saying, “We are here to celebrate women tonight and their survival."

Between songs, Williams preached to the dominant female crowd about how beautiful, special and essential they were to the survival of the human species. William’s monologues were fitting since he sadly lost both his grandmothers to cancer.

Williams had superstar and fellow judge on The Voice, Gwen Stefani out on stage with him as she sang “Hollaback Girl,” continuously praising her feminism, referring to her as “the queen.”

Williams of course ended the show with the very fitting message of “Happy.” Before the grand finale and a very elaborate, impressive firework show, Williams said, “When we sing this next song, I want you to put your best efforts, your prayers, your energy into believing that we can beat this cancer.”

The audience responded wildly, screaming and jumping with joy for those who are fighting, have fought or have lost against cancer.

Several other headliners acknowledged the cause behind the benefit concert. Longtime pop-rock favorite, Paramore, had lead singer Hayley Williams showcasing a superhero outfit, accompanied by a hot pink cape with a yellow lightning bolt.

“Those that are surviving a tough battle — you’re superheroes. I’m wearing a pink cape for you,” said Hayley Williams as she performed “Last Hope,” showcasing her contagious highly-energetic and optimistic personality throughout all their songs.

Fan favorites Taylor Swift and Arianna Grande performed whole heartedly as well. Swift danced around singing top hits “I Knew You Were Trouble, “Shake it Off,” and of course advertised her Monday release of her new album “1989” with her new hit single, “Out of the Woods.”

Grande wore her infamous black cat ears as she booty shook through some technical difficulties. Despite the road bump, Grande flawlessly pulled off her five-song set including “Break Free,” “The Way,” and more.

Strangely, Grande and Iggy Azalea did not collaborate in singing “Problem.” Azalea had other plans, sharing her stage with surprise guest Jennifer Lopez for their song “Booty.” Both stars brought the house down with one big twerkfest.

Creating a very diverse show, R&B hit Alicia Keys beautifully sang and played the piano with a very pregnant belly, including “Empire State of Mind,” “We Are Here,” and more.

Lady Antebellum stood as the only representation of country, playing several tracks, including fun and heartwarming hits like “Bartender” and “Need You Now.”

Sia had opened the show quite powerfully belting out Rihanna’s “Diamonds,” “Chandelier,” and more. Sia never turned around to face the crowd, but instead had her interpretive child dancers beautifully portray the message in her songs.

All in all, every performer brought their best, giving the audience inspiration and supporting the global fight against breast cancer.