Tokyo Table


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I opted for a casual Friday night dinner with my friend because we were both tired from working all day. She suggested a few different Japanese restaurants, so I got the feeling we were doing Japanese food for the night which was fine with me! I love Japanese food: sushi, ramen, rice bowls, you name it! She suggested Tokyo Table at the Diamond Jamboree in Irvine. I rarely make my way to Irvine and had never been to Tokyo Table before, so we decided to go and try something new. Diamond Jamboree was something else! It literally was a square of all kinds of Asian foods. An Asian foodie's dream or anyone who loves Asian food. From restaurants to markets to desserts, Diamond Jamboree had it all. Even though the parking situation was a nightmare, we still stayed and went to Tokyo Table anyway.  

Looking at the extensive menu ranging from traditional Japanese dishes to other Asian fusion dishes, I gravitated toward the sushi because sushi...always...but I was encouraged me to try something different and new so I did! I picked the Sukiyaki Bibimbap, Victoria got the Chicken Katsu Curry and we got Shrimp Tempura (not pictured because we devoured it too quickly) and cold Sake to share. Because what's a Friday night after a long day's work without a couple drinks? ;)

My dish was amazing! It has rice, bean sprouts, green onions and marinated beef with a raw egg over everything served on a sizzling hot plate. The food-runner who brought my food mixed it all up for me and made it a medium spice. Since the plate was so hot, it cooked the egg as it was mixed into the rice. The flavor was all there!

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