4 shocking revelations about the US from an international student



As an international student from the United Kingdom, it’s fair to say that I expected the United States to be somewhat similar to my own country. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Four months later and I’m finally settled, but here are a few of the biggest “shocks” I’ve had since arriving in Los Angeles.  

The accent

A blessing and a curse. My British accent has been a source of amusement and wonder for my new American friends, and a headache for myself. In-class presentations result in myself talking to a sea of students that I can guarantee are only listening to how I sound, and not what I’m saying!


Spelling mistakes

When in America, spell like an American. The sheer number of words that have cost me valuable points because of a single letter difference has been unbelievable. Proofreading has become ten times harder than it should be!


Crossing the street

As ridiculous as it sounds, crossing the street was such an ordeal when I first arrived. Jaywalking doesn’t exist at home, and I would scare the life out of my American friends in my attempts to cross the middle of PCH.



Since moving here, my diet has consisted primarily of Mexican and In n Out. I’m yet to leave a restaurant hungry- portion sizes are out of control! The British accent has been a slight hindrance however; some of the servers have no idea what I’m asking for.

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