New England Patriots take Super Bowl XLIX



The New England Patriots won Super Bowl XLIX beating the Seattle Seahawks in a surprising fashion. Safety, Malcolm Butler made a game-winning interception shocking many, as the Patriots won 28-24. It started out rough, but things picked up for both teams. Quarterback, Tom Brady, Super Bowl MVP, threw 328 yards for four touchdowns and two interceptions. Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson threw 247 yards, two touchdowns and one crucial interception.

Neither team scored in the first quarter with Brady even struggling to throw an interception. The Patriots scored the first points of the game after Brady connected with wide receiver, Brandon Lafell in the end zone. Then, running back Marshawn Lynch tied the game at seven. Lynch ran for a total of 102 yards scoring one touchdown. Brady countered back with a deep pass to tight end, Rob Gronkowski giving the Patriots back the lead. With only a minute left in the first half, the Seahawks were able to tie the game at 14 when Wilson threw a touchdown to wide receiver, Chris Matthews giving the Seahawks a little more momentum.

The Super Bowl halftime show is always highly anticipated and is a nice break from the intense back-and-forth of football. Many say Missy Elliott stole the halftime show as she wowed the crowd with popular oldie, “Get Your Freak On.” Social media erupted with tweets and statuses about where Elliot has been all these years, but were happy to see the female hip-hop veteran back on stage.

Katy Perry began her series of top hits entering the stage roaring atop a gold tiger. Perry even went old school with Lenny Kravitz as he joined in singing her song, “I Kissed a Girl.” Many made jokes that Cinna, a character Kravitz played in the Hunger Games installments, made an appearance at the halftime show and must have designed Perry’s flaming outfit. But who could forget her dancing sharks and the “Hot Dog on a Stick” costume? The sharks might have sparked her performance even more as she sang a summer classic, “California Girl.” With all social media speculation aside, the Super Bowl halftime show still wowed the audience as Perry ended with “Firework,” gliding away on a colorful shooting star.

The second half started poorly for the Patriots as Brady threw his second pick trying to hit Gronkowski. The Seahawks still took over. They scored off of a field goal and a short touchdown pass to wide receiver, Doug Baldwin. The Seahawks had a 10-point lead heading into the fourth quarter, meaning it was all or nothing for the Patriots.

Things didn’t look good for the Patriots as the time kept running. It wasn’t until halfway through the fourth quarter that the Patriots were within reach scoring off of a Brady touchdown to wide receiver, Danny Amendola making it 21-24. A couple plays later, the Patriots got the ball back and Brady threw another touchdown to key receiver, Julian Edelman giving the Patriots back the lead 28-24. Edelman was a big factor throughout the whole game finishing with 109 yards and one touchdown.

The Seahawks still had plenty of time to score a possible game-winning touchdown. They got near the red zone after wide receiver, Jermaine Kearse made an unbelievable grab falling down. The defender, Butler tipped it and as both players were falling, Kearse bobbled it around and landed into his hands. This gave the Seahawks good position to win. However, the Seahawks ran the ball in the next play with Lynch and at about the one yard line, Wilson gets picked off by Butler in the end zone.

Now Brady’s legacy is with hall-of-famer, Joe Montana at three Super Bowl MVPs. Although Brady played an outstanding game aside from the interceptions, Butler is recognized as the hero of the game. This also gives Bill Belichick his fourth Super Bowl win as head coach. There were no controversial calls or favored teams, but rather a game called evenly and one that will certainly be remembered.

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