G-Eazy begins his rap takeover at The Wiltern



Former underground rapper G-Eazy played two sold-out concerts in a row, meeting high expectations at The Wiltern on Feb. 3 and 4, at 7 p.m. Although his From the Bay to the Universe is his second album of his music career, the up-and-coming artist has shown the industry how well he can carry a performance. He is someone to watch as he enters the mainstream music world. G-Eazy left the best and the most for Los Angeles both nights with special guest performances by a-list rappers like T.I., Big Sean, and Tinashe.

Khalia Rabin and Jay-Ant opened the Feb. 3 show with styles similar to the main performer – they energized the crowd for a couple hours before G-Eazy began his concert with a somewhat fan-favorite: “Downtown Love.” He then moved on to dedicate some of his older tracks to fans more familiar with his past music, “Here’s to y’all who’ve been by my side since day one, since the days I was caught up in the Bay.” A majority of the venue seemed to be lost by this introduction, dancing weakly since he only recently released more popular music within the past few years from his 2012 and 2014 albums, Must Be Nice and These Things Happen.

G-Eazy smoothly transitioned a variety of his popular tracks, from the upbeat “Almost Famous,” a song about his transition to fame and the risks he took, to the slower “Let’s Get Lost.” After singing a few verses, he surprised viewers by introducing Devon Baldwin, the female feature of the original song, whose simple addition added hype to the crowd at that moment.  Her exit only left room for another great to step onstage. Big Sean ran up to the pit members, exclaiming, “We are all looking out for [G-Eazy] for the future. You and I all know he’s talented and he isn’t going nowhere.” He followed the compliment with a quick rendition of his own hit-single, “I Don’t Fuck With You.”

The energy of the venue was intense. G-Eazy’s voice not only caused a great vibration amongst the walls of the venue, but within the people themselves. Girls flung their bras and underwear onstage at the sight of the rapper’s “bra pole,” which hung tens of bras signaling the onslaught. Marijuana clouded the atmosphere as onlookers paid no mind to the security around them – at one point during his performance, G-Eazy gave tribute to his “number one smoking partner: his mother.” She came onstage and shared a hit with her son and had the crowd in cheers.

While the vitality of the crowds was alive and screaming for more, the energized performer teased them with a five minute break as he prepared to play the last two tracks of the night: “I Mean It” and “Loaded,” both filled with just enough profanity, bass and light shows to end the night with ear-splitting cheers of gratitude.

G-Eazy continues to amaze crowds in Australia, ending his tour on Feb. 18.