From country to new wave and funk, rare vinyl finds in Long Beach


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From country to new wave and funk, rare vinyl finds in Long Beach. It’s happened before, the feeling of immense confusion of not knowing what to add to your already “perfect” vinyl record collection. As you dig through piles of records that you’ve never heard and are solemnly judging on their covers, you debate if you should take the risk and buy something unknown. But if you’re willing to dive into the unfamiliar and legitimize your record collection, then the following pieces are worth investing in.

Nestled in the corner of Seventh Street and Orizaba Avenue is where Dizzy on Vinyl can be found. With nearly 15 years of running a record store haven, Dizzy is a proud owner of unique collectables such as two of country music’s biggest legends, Hank Williams and Johnny Cash. Fairly priced at $75 Vol. 2 of Hank Williams’s 36 hits and the man in black’s seventh album Johnny Cash Sings Hank Williams ($20) can be easily removed from Dizzy’s notable collection and placed into yours. So for you country loving fans here’s a few words of advice, get ‘em while they’re hot!

Opening Minds in Long Beach for the past two years is where you can find Third Eye Records storing imports and hard to find releases. Though the store is filled with hundreds of records by accomplished artists ranging from Nina Simone to The Exploited, it is home to two particularly special new wave and jangle pop records: The Iron Curtain’s Artifact ($15) and The Cleaners From Venus Vol. 3 box set ($74.99). While many can consider these albums as rarities, these classic and innovative records can be compared to artists like New Order and the early works of Joy Division.

With a name like Soulific Records, it’s not hard to imagine what’s in store for you over at East Fourth Street. Granted all of the records at Soulific are in mint condition and desirable to probably every record collector in the world, there are two gems that shine a bit brighter than the rest, The Headhunters' Survival of the Fittest ($34.99) and Gary Bartz's Music Is My Sanctuary ($16.99). Though these jazz-funk infused records are probably undiscovered treasures to most of you, keep in mind they’ve been sampled by some of hip-hop’s respected artists like Nas.

So with this mind, don’t forget to thank the music Gods for Long Beach-based record stores for housing unique vinyl and quench your vinyl obsession.