Honey with No Money



So you’ve finally stopped being creepy, staring at the person you fancy from across the lecture hall, and you’ve asked them out on a date. Big shocker, they said yes! We know tuition and books this semester have left your bank account looking about as barren as your dating life up until this point; you really would have been in trouble if that USU referendum had passed. Go scrounge up the money you can find around your room and check out one or more of these cost-effective dates that require two miles or less of travel. All but one are found right here on campus. 1) Head over to the USU and find out what recent, popular films they have screening. Admission is free for students and just $5 for any non-students. So grab that potential S.O. and cuddle up at the USU for a nice inexpensive movie night that's not the presumptuous Netflix-movie-in-a-dorm-room kind of date.

2) Take a relaxing stroll through the Japanese Gardens on campus and feel as though you're both a world away from any stresses of college life, all while staying on campus. Buy some koi food for just 25 cents and feed the koi fish together. Admittance for students is completely free.

3) Have a picnic on Hardfact Hill, located just north of the Molecular and Life Sciences building. Bring a blanket, some homemade food, and a nice bottle of cider.

4) We’ve got a steady flow of up-and-coming bands performing at The Nugget, so why not treat your date to a rocking night of music and beer with your fellow students. Not as much pressure as a silent one-on-one night dinner, but still enjoyable!

5) If you’ve got a flair for art and want to stand side by side, heads tilted, like some 21st century rom-com story, head over to the art galleries in the Fine Arts buildings on campus. Support our student artists for free and get your flirt on at the same time.

6)  If you want to test the intellectual waters with your date and find out just what goes on in that head of theirs, head over to the University Art Museum. The current exhibits delve into consumerism and an intimate look at the life of a bee. Get in free with your student I.D. and get to pondering!

7) Grab your date and head out for a game of the great American pastime just a mile and a half off campus. Embrace your inner Dirtbag and make sure to treat your date to the finest baseball game food available: hotdogs and beer. Admission for students with an I.D. is free, so what are you waiting for?

8) Here’s an idea for a cheap double date: Go couple against couple, and race through campus to see who can get strangers to photograph the two of you in front of as many sculptures on campus as you can within a pre-determined time limit. Losing couple buys everyone a round of beers at The Nugget.

9) What’s not to love about wearing shoes worn by countless other students and lobbing a heavy ball toward a group of unsuspecting inanimate pins? The USU bowling alley has all of this for you to enjoy. With games for students costing just $3 each, and shoe rentals at $1.50, this is a fun and cost-effective date.

10) Maybe you’re both into escaping school for some virtual reality adventure. Don’t worry, the USU has a great opportunity for you as well. Students can rent game consoles for just $5 an hour, and the USU Sticks Lounge has a great variety of consoles. And if video games aren’t your preference, board games are available to students for free.