HIVE Baseball



Seniors graduating this May bleed from their cuticles, biting their nails to the last inch, anticipating what they’ve been rushing for… the UNEMPLOYED LIFE. Dun dun dun! Chad Schug eats Cracker Jacks instead. Chad Schug is a senior history major at Cal State University of Long Beach and an entrepreneur of a baseball glove draw string bag called Hive Baseball. Having played and coached baseball for most of his life, Schug valued his glove like the last golden ticket left. He describes it as a part of you.

“As a player, I’ve always been obsessed with my glove," Schug said, “I didn’t let anyone touch it or put their hand in it. You take care of it like your baby as soon as you buy it. You shape it into whatever shape and when someone puts their hand in my glove, I could feel the difference because my hand is the only one that has been in there.”

For Schug, protecting his glove was something he knew he wanted to make easier not only for himself, but also for his players. He said he’d seen several of the children he coached wrap a ball in their glove to keep the shape and to keep it clean. This is why Schug developed Hive Baseball.

The Hive Baseball bag is a drawstring bag with an ABS plastic shell in which the glove easily slides on to keep the shape of the glove. The bag material is neoprene, the same material that wet suits are made out of. The neoprene grants the bag durability and prevents water from reaching the premises of the glove.

The science of the bag is very simple yet innovative. Not only do baseball players not have to worry about their glove losing its shape, but makes preserving the material 10 times easier. Chad Schug sees baseball as a team and individual sport.

“I like the team aspect, but there is also an individual side too. Every hit that’s thrown to them, the player has to show their individual talents to get the ball where it needs to be for your team.”

Equipment setbacks no longer exist for Chad Schug. His players’ true potential as a team player can now be measured by their abilities and not by their damaged glove.

Hive Baseball aims to develop new backpacks next year that not only protects a player’s glove, but bats and other equipment too.

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