Lizzi Murtough, a classically trained cellist, and Daniel Morones, a songwriter with a punk rock background, came together to form the unlikely paired band Foxxhound. Their band name was inspired by the Disney film “The Fox and the Hound,” that shows two characters unlikely to work together that ultimately do.

Beginning in 2010 with band members Murtough and Morones, Foxxhound has since featured a couple of more official band members on their Facebook page, Ron McGill on drums and vocals, and Brent Brandon on the keyboard. Along with these members are many others featured in different songs throughout their newest album, “The Devil You Know.”

Describing their sound as “a mixture of folk and blues ballads,” Morones compares some components of their style to Amy Winehouse and Elliot Smith. However, Foxxhound maintains their own individual sound through their personal abilities.

Ron McGill, their “not-so-typical drummer...gets creative and [adds a] different depth” to their music, and the combination of lead vocals from Murtough and Morones are almost “for lack of a better term, magical.”

Going back to their unlikely pairing, their unusual combination of cello and guitar as well as drums and keyboard adds an extra level to their unique quality. Morones said their sound “is very’s not just going to be one level the whole show,” attributing much of their dynamic back to Murtough’s classical background.

Pulling inspiration from relationships and daily life to write their music, Morones explains their lyrics as sort of a “diary take on things” stating that he finds personal expression to be more interesting. To Lizzi Murtough, it is “an expression of [herself],” and an explanation of life.

“The music that stuck with me the most was the music that felt like it came from a real place,” she adds.

One thing that Foxxhound appreciates most about their band is their collaboration and openness with each other. The group’s trust and love opens the door for them to collaborate honestly and aim towards writing a song in its best form. They also appreciate the fact that they love what they do and are not writing music “to try to prove anything.” Morones said that McGill doesn’t try to create some elaborate drum solo to “just throw it in there, it’s more about what the song needs.”

“We work hard on our set,” Morones said. “We try to make it an experience... we try to create ups and downs that take you on a journey.” Morones says he is inspired by the days when “people would get dressed up to see live music... and really want to listen, enjoy it and be moved.”

In regards to their newest album “The Devil You Know” that was released on June 25, Morones says the title track is definitely one of his favorite songs on the album.

“It has a lot of space; the chorus is fantastic. It sort of hits you when you don’t expect it,” Morones says. You can expect to hear more orchestral sounds and instruments such as the french horn in the title song. Foxxhound’s musicianship allows them to venture beyond more than one style allowing their sound to be different on occasion, fresh and new. They have gotten a great response to their new album thus far and plan on enjoying every moment of it.

“Since the record just came out, it’s kind of based on the response of that and we’ll see where it takes us,” McGill said in response to the band’s future goals. “You can’t really plan in the music industry.”

In the coming months, fans can look forward to performances in places such as North Hollywood, Hotel Cafe, Long Beach and Los Angeles. To find out more information about Foxxhound, such as performance dates and what to look forward to, check out their Facebook page Foxxhoundmusic.

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