A Quick Look Into the Fashion Cycle



Color. It’s a huge factor that determines what is in fashion this season, and what is not.

Colors for every fashion trend constantly change and it seems as though more new colors are introduced each season. But there are only so many colors to use and choose from, right?

Just as there are fashionable hairstyles, prints, patterns and accessories, there are also fashionable colors. For example, one of the most fashionable colors this season, if you haven’t already noticed, is mint.

Like most trends, however, all color trends go out of style, and here’s why. Color is one of the least expensive factors to change in clothing production, so the garment and manufacturing industry change their colors very often, more often than they change their garment styles.

This is why you will see “different” colors every fashion season. The way the fashion industry keeps their colors new is by using a variety of colors from the same hue.

One of the ways the fashion industry re-introduces old colors is by changing the name. This season’s “mint” may be re-introduced as “pastel green” the next time the color is in trend. Professionals within the fashion industry will use this tactic to give old colors a fresh and new image to market to consumers.

So you might be asking, who decides what colors will come in season and be out the next? There are multiple groups all around the world who primarily focus on deciding what colors will be used in the fashion business in the future. Some of these groups include The Color Association of the United States and The International ColourAuthority.

Nothing in the fashion industry is really “new” or innovative; everything is recycled at some point, just with minor adjustments and improvements to what has already been done.

So don’t throw away old clothes that have been out of fashion for some time. Keep all your clothes and you just might get the chance to wear them out again when they come back in fashion.

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