Manhattan Style



Second day into vacation, walking down Park Avenue directing myself from store to store, I'm now able to understand that the avenues go North and South and the streets go East and West so I don't have to keep looking down at my phone. I'm now able to look at my surroundings and in Manhattan, there's a lot to see. I was especially interested to see how people dressed whether they were in work attire or going out to eat. From what I was able to scope out was exactly what you see and hear in the magazines and on the internet but just emerged in vast groups of chaos, locals and tourists.

I liked how work attire, more noticeably the men’s is really GQ. It isn't just a suit anymore. Now it's that J. Crew fitted button up and being able to wear shorts to the office, New Balances with a tailored suit or a Ralph Lauren polka dot tie.

The first person I saw dressed in high fashion was a young man probably in his 20's. His outfit was well put together and consisted of a slim fitted black button up shirt, white dress shorts that were folded at the bottom, and black shoes to match. From what I hear and witnessed, Manhattan is a tuff city to live in. The hustle and bustle is real and these well-dressed gogetters are doing it right for themselves. You really have to dress to impress.

Then the day after there was this sweet brunette girl that I passed by in the Meatpacking District. The dress she wore was the epitome of what a girl would want to wear on a beautiful summer day in New York. It must've been something that of Kate Spade having there was a store within looking distance of where we were. You couldn't walk into the store though. It was only a big touch screen in front of a window display of selected items from the store. Whatever brand her dress was, her outfit was New York.

From what I saw in the couple of days in New York was fashion in the now. You had to get out of the tourist filled areas to find it though. I didn't even get to mention what style came out in the night life. Eleven o’clock at night and dinner was just getting started. Don't forget to put in a reservation or you'll be waiting for two hours for a table, but hey at least you'll be dressed well or at least you should be.

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