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Time to begin a fresh new semester at The Beach with the fall season finally rolling in!  Whether you thrift, shop exclusive designers, budget it out or shop a wonderful mix of the whole sha-bang, let’s admit it - we all need some inspiration here and there. So, who better to enlighten you then your fellow classmates? Personally, on-campus fashion never fails to awe me. It’s so amazingly diverse and all the varying styles draw me to further reach out to all of you creative souls.These trendy CSULB students are here to expand your fall wardrobe knowledge beyond bland and uninspiring by throwing together their favorite outfits.

For this look, fashion merchandising sophomore SaraKodesh was inspired by the warm colors that fall brings including deep browns, red and hints of gold.

"I describe my style as a little rebellious, but still chic at the same time. I love to mix completely different fabrics and patterns to achieve an eye-catching look." Kodesh said.

A must-have for this season for Kodesh is a brown leather jacket, which is simple enough to go with any wild print but still works as a statement piece.

Kodesh's go-to place during the colder seasons is Nordstrom.

"I can fund chunky jackets and scarves that I adore, as well as any accessories I may need to pull an outfit together." Kodeshsaid.

In contrast, social work junior Michelle Barnes loves simplicity, as she showcases a simple and comfortable pastel dress.

She describes her style as "casual chic" and loves to wear colored dresses along with cardigans and tights.

"I finish off my outfits with sandals and a ring or bracelet." Barnes said.

Like Kodesh, Barnes' favorite fall piece is brown and made of leather--her boots.

"They are the perfect length because they don't cover too much of my calves. Also, they match with all the dresses I own." Barnes said.

Barnes suggests finding clothes at Fashion Q, Forever 21 and Marshall's for good deals, but also shops at hole-in-the-wall clothing stores.

Don't be afraid to experiment with throwing together outfits, especially during the fall when you can layer together lots of different articles of clothing. Our campus has plenty of trendy students and are definitely a source of inspiration to spice things up.

Photo courtesy of Sara Kodesh. Sara Kodesh loves to shop at Nordstrom during the fall.
Photo courtesy of Sara Kodesh. Sara Kodesh loves to shop at Nordstrom during the fall.
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