Change up your exercise playlist


Photo courtesy of MPressBlog Having the right music might make the biggest difference when preparing for races.
Photo courtesy of MPressBlog Having the right music might make the biggest difference when preparing for races.

Fall marathons are right around the corner and training is everything for runners preparing for some big races. Student runners need to find the best and most effective ways to get their bodies and minds right during their hectic school schedules.

The Student Wellness and Recreational Center is the best place for students to come to train. The ASI-funded recreation center's goal is to “inspire and strengthen our students and the entire CSULB community.” They do this by providing a healthy and inspiring environment for students to keep their body working after a long day of classes.

If you want to ditch the treadmill and try something new, the Rec Center has free group classes offered throughout the entire week. Whether you like Spin classes or yoga, the Rec Center has you covered. Each fitness class focuses on a different part of the body, and their music focuses on bringing your mind just as into the workout as your body.

For some students, music is everything in a workout. If the right tune isn’t blasting through your Beats byDre headphones, your workout isn’t as good as it could be. But when that right song comes on, you feel like you can rule the world. According to David-Lee Priest, PhD, a health psychologist and researcher at London's Brunel University, “Music can motivate you to work longer and harder.”

According to a study "The Effects of on Exercise", listening to sedative music decreased strength significantly when compared to stimulating music and silence.

Mellisa Sarreal, a spin class instructor at the RecCenter, agrees with this study and plays music that will stimulate her spinners the most.

“I noticed that my spinners respond the best to music that is upbeat like house. When the workout gets really tough I will play a popular song to get their minds off the pain. Often times even when the workout is difficult, I see them mouthing the lyrics.”Sarreal said.

Having the right playlist during your workout can change the way you respond to that your body wants and needs. When you’re not pumped up, you’re more likely to slack off during your workout.

Theatre Arts major Amy Anderson said, “I listen to Glee. It makes me feel like I’m the star of an episode breaking out in a song on the streets. That usually keeps my energy levels way up.”

Design Arts major Rebecca Watkins listens to classics. “90’s Pandora all the way. N’sync, TLC, Spice Girls you name it and I listen to it.”  Watskinssiad.

Even though we love to hear our favorite songs over and over again, Fit Day fitness magazine says that listening to your favorite groups and familiar songs can slow you down. This is because you are likely to know the beat, words and tempo of the song and it would reduce your drive to run farther or lift more weights. Keeping your play list random but also set to beats and melodies that pump you up and make your workout last twice as long.

With big races coming up, it is important for student runners to keep their body and mind healthy. Working out is a great way to take a break from studying for dreaded midterms. A body in motion tends to stay in motion and when you keep your body active it helps keep your mind functioning as well.

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