Del Mar Racetrack: Where the Turf Meets the Surf


And away they go! An extremely exciting venture for Cal State Long Beach students this summer is attending the Del Mar horse races. The Del Mar summer horse racing meet is one of San Diego County’s premier social events—the atmosphere is electric!

At Del Mar, majestic and powerful, thoroughbred racehorses come charging down the track, people cheer from the stands hoping the horse they bet on crosses the finish line first, and countless concerts and events hosted by Del Mar provide the college crowd with a great time.

Most college students are unfamiliar with the sport of horse racing, also known as the “Sport of Kings.” Each year, however, thousands flock to the Del Mar races to partake in the spectacle of thoroughbred horse racing (opening day this year boasted a crowd of over 43,000).

Del Mar is a unique race track in that its pristine, coastal location attracts many young people during the summer. At Del Mar, the ocean is in plain view—hence the reason Del Mar is known as the place “where the turf meets the surf.”

This is the average scene for Friday night racing: the horses get saddled for their race in the paddock, the handicappers make their bets, ladies don large festive hats while men sport fedoras, and concession stands sell cold beer and hot dogs.

Del Mar also hosts a summer concert series on Friday nights and on the weekends. Bands lined up to perform this year include Weezer and the B-52’s.

The Del Mar racetrack is open on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Friday nights, and weekends.

Hop on the 405 Freeway going south, take it to the 5, and exit Via de la Valle and let the fun begin! Another popular way to travel to Del Mar is by train. While at the track, grab a cold one, place a friendly wager, and take part in a thrill of a lifetime.

At the Del Mar summer horse races, as Bing Crosby sang, “There’s a smile on every face, and a winner in each race…where the turf meets the surf at Del Mar!”

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