Student prepares for Long Beach Marathon

The thought of going on a morning run makes me cringe in my seat, let alone run 26.2 miles. So what makes people want to participate in a marathon, and what kind of preparation does it take? Kristina Galias, a Cal State Long Beach liberal studies studentis only 21, but she is about to embark on her third half-marathon at the upcoming Long Beach Marathon.

To prepare, Galias runs an average of 6-7 miles, for 4-5 days a week.

“This way I know I am putting in much more miles than I’ll actually be racing, which is only 13.1 miles,” Galias said. “It helps my body to better adjust to it.”

Galias said that she constantly drinks water throughout her daily routine to keep from getting dehydrated during her runs.

“The week of the race, I decrease my routine to only running 2-3 miles that week to make sure my body is fully rested and energized for the day of the race,” Galias said.

As a charity marathon competitor, Galias pays entry fees to benefit the foundation running the event, but has never received payment for her running. Her inspiration to run marathons began with cardio exercise, and escalated to setting higher personal achievements and goals. Pushing her abilities to their full potential was important to Kristina growing up, and completing marathons was her venue to shine.

“Running is something that a lot of people are frightened of,” Galias said. “If you set a goal for yourself to take baby steps and push yourself, you’ll achieve it.”

Galias’s ultimate reason to run is to achieve the “runner’s high” while crossing the finish line.

“I feel like I have conquered a landmark obstacle when I run through the crowd of people cheering us on when we finish,” Galias said.

The Long Beach Marathon will be held on Sunday, Oct. 7. The start of the race is on Shoreline Drive and concludes at the Marina Green Finish Line Festival.  Scenery throughout the course includes a mixture of local homes, the coastline and even a little of downtown Long Beach. Participants will also run through the CSULB’s Pyramid Sports Complex from the 17 to 19-mile mark.

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