Local Oktoberfest

For Long Beach residents who are wondering if the Long Beach Oktoberfest will happen there is some bad news. Unfortunately, it looks like there will not be an Oktoberfest this year or anytime soon.

“The promoter canceled and still owes the city fees for the event,” District 5 City Councilwoman,Gerrie Schipske said.

The German-themed family event last took place at El Dorado East Regional Park in 2010.

Only lasting a year, Long Beach Oktoberfest was canceled.

“It just wasn’t making enough money for the promoter,” Director of Parks and Recreation, George Chapjian said.

Today, we know Oktoberfest as an event filled with drinks, fun, and games, most don’t know the history behind it all.

It all started in 1810, when Prince Ludwig of Bavaria (who would later become King Ludwig I) organized festivities and a horse race to celebrate his marriage to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen.

The festivities were held in a field outside the city gates of Munich five days after the October 12th wedding.

The horse race was so popular the royal family decided to hold it again the following year, and this is what started Oktoberfest.

Later, in 1819 the royal family passed down the responsibility for the festivities to the city of Munich, where it is still alive today.

As far as Oktoberfest in Long Beach goes, there were a few issues that caused it to discontinue.

“The first year had mediocre weather (overcast and even some drizzle) so it was difficult to gage how successful it was or could have been with great conditions,”Superintendent of Golf Operations and Contract Management Officer Robert Livingstone said.

Discussions about planning the event for the following year progressed. However, the operator decided to no longer pursue a second event due to issues on ways to mitigate possible damage to the turf and irrigation systems in the park, better management for the consumption of alcohol in a city park, and with the addition of dealing with permits and fees.

“We at Long Beach Parks, Recreation and Marine have not received any feedback or demand for the event to return that I am aware of, but that wouldn’t preclude an operator or promoter from proposing to resurrect it,” Livingstone said.

There are several Oktoberfest going on in other cities including LA,Huntington Beach,and San Diego.

For more information go to this website.

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