Childish Gambino drops his album through listening parties


As a person who first gained fame through the realms of YouTube, it seems very fitting for rapper Childish Gambino to title his newest album “because the internet”. Gambino, also known as his acting/writing/comedian/birth name Donald Glover, got his first taste of celebrity through a series of short videos he and his friends made and posted online. Since then, Glover has conquered other areas of the entertainment business quickly and successfully. He’s won an Emmy award for his writing work on NBC’s comedy 30 Rock. He’s gained a cult following as Troy, one of the main stars on another NBC comedy, Community. And he’s even performed his own stand-up comedy specials on Comedy Central. Now, however, the musical talent of Glover is becoming his main squeeze as he raps his way into people’s headphones and speakers as Childish Gambino.

With “because the internet” launching on December 10th, Gambino has been attempting to make his sophomore album release something special. Utilizing social media, Gambino has been traveling to different big cities like London, New York and Los Angeles, and arranging impromptu listening parties in public places. To take one step even further, he’s also been arranging several secret listening parties at his friends’ mansions around the United States and picking random fans (who entered their information on his website) to be his guests.

As Gambino is well aware, though, it’s very rare if at all possible for new music these days to be made without somehow leaking out to the Internet. Though this could anger most artists, Gambino instead chose to roll with the theme of his new album, stating via Twitter that “my music is/should be free.” Whether it’s a few songs or the whole album leaking, the hype in the hip-hop community is growing around the increasingly popular Childish Gambino and it’s all “because the internet.”

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