DIG Box Office: "Machete Kills"


Complete with sarcastic comedy and full-force action, “Machete Kills” brings back the original kick-ass experience from the first movie. Danny Trejo reprises his role as Machete in Robert Rodriguez’s sequel from his 2011 box office hit. The plot follows Machete as he tries to stop Mexican drug cartels but ends up being caught by border patrol. He is sentenced to his death only to be called by the President of the United States, played by “Carlos Estevez” (Charlie Sheen). He is offered a chance to clear his criminal record if he agrees to stop and kill Mendez, a double-personality madman in charge of the Mexican drug cartels. Along the way, Machete enlists the help of his friend Shé, played by Michelle Rodriguez who also appeared in the first movie.

The film obviously does not aim for Academy Award recognition. The acting is very overdone and the special effects feel cheap. Most of the film is just exaggerated explosions and digital blood with a few actual lines of worthy dialogue. If you watched the first rendition, the sequel follows the same sort of plot but adds more star power to the film. There are very few references to the first film, so seeing the preceding movie is not needed to understand the sequel.

“Machete Kills” runs for almost two hours, so be ready to sit through amplified blasts and poor plot direction. After the release date was pushed back a month, the film was met with mixed reviews, considering its poor advertising. Unfortunately, “Machete Kills” only collected 3.8 million dollars in the opening weekend.

Overall, “Machete Kills” lives up to sequel standards. It kept true to the original feel of the first film while also introducing new characters and more ass-kicking. The action and comedy in this movie makes it a great film to see on a leisure day, but don’t go into it expecting an Oscar-winning movie.