Mastering the T-Shirt


“I've always thought of the T-shirt as the Alpha and Omega of the fashion alphabet.” - Giorgio Armani

If there is one item everyone should have in their closet, its a classic white tee shirt. The white tee shirt is extremely versatile, and goes well with anyone's personal style. Whether you consider yourself a retro babe, rocker chic or girly glam, a simple white tee can be worked into your wardrobe and become one of your essential go-to items. A white t-shirt should be seen as a blank canvas, there is absolutely no wrong way to wear it. But just in case you're stumped and need some help, here are some looks and tips to make the white t-shirt all your own.

Teenage Angst:

For those days where you can give a damn about what people think or say, where you blast “Smells like teen spirit” by Nirvana out of your speakers, gives the white t-shirt some serious attitude by tying a plaid button up around your waist. Not only does wrapping the flannel around your waist gives you killer definition by making your waist look smaller, it gives off an effortless vibe perfect for school or hanging out with friends. Another cool way to add some edge to a simple tee is by cuffing and folding the sleeves. You instantly get a laid back look and it helps so you won't look like you're drowning in an over-sized shirt if you prefer a looser fit.

White Out:

Once upon a time in the fashion world, someone who thought they were important made up a “style rule” that you're not suppose to wear white after Labor Day... we don’t do very well with rules at DIG so we say not only wear white, but wear it head to toe. The monochromatic all white and all black trend has followed through the spring, past the summer, and is here to stay for the fall and winter. Can you even call it a trend anymore? When pulling off this look, go for simple cuts and play with textures, which will help so you won't get confused for a house painter. As well, accessories are key since your garments should be kept on the simpler side, bust out one of your favorite statement piece jewels or funky sunglasses.

Proper Night:

You and all your girlfriends planned a girls night, nothing too crazy, just dinner and some drinks. You head over to your closet and the last thing you’d probably go for is your white t-shirt right? But don’t overlook it! Worn correctly, your old t-shirt can make one hot outfit for the night. Pairing a leather pencil skirt with your t-shirt makes the perfect balance of dressy casual, especially for those tricky “fancy but not too fancy” events. Opt for a slightly looser fit for your top and tuck it into your skirt so the skirt can show off your feminine curves in a subtle and not overly voluminous way.

Don't overlook your basic white tee, embrace it!

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