Student Spotlight: What's next for this designer?


Watch out Phillip Lim - CSULB is about to unleash another talented designer, sure to make waves in the fashion world. In fact, 23-year-old clothing and textiles major, Basil Malicsi, is already catching tide in the industry, and has yet to even graduate college. DIG magazine first met Malicsi last May after covering a fashion show of his in Hollywood for an online story. We were left in such awe of his talent, motivation and creativity that we decided to catch up with Malicsi to hear more of what he's been up to. What we found out didn't surprise us. His clothes recently launched online to be sold, and a deal is set for the selling of his clothes at a prominent Los Angeles boutique. Hailing from the Philippines, Malicsi graced our campus with his talent in 2007 and is currently finishing up his degree, with plans to graduate in the spring.

Sept. 10 marked Malicsi's launch party for the celebration of his clothes being sold online. The party, held in Fullerton, at his trendy studio home, featured a fashion show of his latest clothing line, a live DJ, plus food and wine. Amongst the crowd of Malicsi's supporters were fellow fashion students, Los Angeles bloggers, photographers, as well as journalists from University of Southern California's online magazine, "Neon Tommy."

We sat down with Malicsi after the event to ask a few questions about his recent accomplishments and future plans.


D: So what is new with you in these last few months?

M: My line got carried on and it's all functioning now, we just made our first two sales last month, so I'm happy! I also have an upcoming fashion show on Sept. 29, in Santa Monica, and I'm currently working with La Maison de Fashion to have my line featured in their Melrose store. They have tons of celebrity clientele, I'm really excited!


D: How did the launch party go?

M: It was great. We transformed my living room into a fashion show and there was a live DJ who was playing great music all night. If all else fails, but you have a good DJ, wine, and food, then you have a good event. It makes people happy to be taken care of and that's what I wanted to do, make people feel valued.


D: Tell me about future projects you have planned.

M:  I'm starting to get my stuff together for my Fall/Winter 2012 collection. I'm also working on my senior graduation collection for the Campus Couture show in May 2012.


D: What are your inspirations for your upcoming collections?

M: For my graduation collection, I'm really inspired by Catholic churches, back in the Philippines. I'm very influenced by Spain, it has a very antique kind of feel, so I want to incorporate that in my collection next year.


D: What about for your Fall/Winter collection?

M: I'm releasing that in January or February. The bad girls in telenovelas inspired me for this collection; they're the bad vixens. That line is going to be a little more sleek with more body-con.


D: What made you think of revolving your next collection around bad vixens?

M: My Spring/Summer is really bright and happy. So for Fall/Winter, it's really cold during those times, and I really wanted the moods [of the garments] to change from vibrant and colorful, to very dark and somber. It's really going to be dark and sexy, but still classy at the same time.


D: What are your plans after graduation in the spring?

M: Hopefully, I can work for a designer. I'd love to work for a designer to get a lot of experience; I know I still have a lot of things to learn. After that, I want to re-pursue my own label and make it available in stores across America, or even around the world.


There's no doubt that Malicsi has already begun to make an impressive name for himself in the realm of fashion. His track record of many fashion shows in Los Angeles, the selling of his clothes through multiple vendors, in addition to an already significant fan base gives Malicsi a blooming start to his career. A short glimpse at one of Malicsi's detailed pieces will leave any fashion-adorer saying, "Wow!" To learn more about Malicsi, visit to read our first article on him. Be sure to treat your eyes to additional photos of his distinguished and elaborate garments, also posted on our website.

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