Countdown to Emmy's: Mad Men


Everything about “Mad Men” is cohesive, from the cinematography to the wardrobe to the story itself, and the characters that bring it to life. Season after season, Jon Hamm delivers and sheds much needed light on the increasingly lost Don Draper. Hamm’s characterization of Don allows the viewer to understand the man and have that desire to see him push passed his flawed nature.

Season six was poignant and filled with revelations and shake-ups, particularly shown through Don Draper and Peggy Olsen.

This season emphasizes the faltering and degradation of Don’s moral character, and the increasing presence of this ad man’s true identity, Dick Whitman.

A clear example is Don’s pitch to Hershey’s Chocolates when he chooses to unearth one of his first memories with the product. By doing this, Don lets everyone in the meeting know about his upbringing in the brothel house. He even seems relieved after he shocks everyone with this revelation. Coincidentally enough, this moment of raw emotion and truth is his undoing but it shows Hamm’s versatility. He is able to make viewers hate the ruthless ad man Don is, but at the same time feel empathy toward him.

Don began the season at ease in Hawaii with his second wife, Megan, but the season finale left viewers wondering, Will their marriage survive? Everything in Don’s seemingly perfect life is in limbo, his daughter no longer trusts him, he lacks agency and is striving to find his identity.

On the other hand, Peggy Olsen, played by Elizabeth Moss, faced not one but two break-ups that left viewers wondering if she is reverting back to season 1 and 2’s Peggy that mixed business with pleasure. First, she ended her relationship because she had feelings for her boss Ted Chaough. She then initiates a relationship with him. He ends the relationship and decides to move to California because he realized his family trumped the whiles and passion that Peggy offered him.

Much like Don, by the end of season 6, Peggy has no agency and no one by her side. Regardless, viewers see an air of change in the final moments with Peggy. The most obvious thing is that for the first time ever, she is wearing a pants suit.

The novelty of “Mad Men” is that through every season, creator and executive producer Matthew Weiner and company are able to catapult viewers into a different time period, but still establish an affinity with the present.

Nominated for the fifth year in a row, AMC’s hit drama “Mad Men” is a strong contender at the Emmy’s awards show. A tough fight lies ahead, as “Mad Men” is in the running along with “Breaking Bad”, and “Homeland” for Outstanding Drama Series. The show has been nominated for 12 Emmy's including Outstanding Lead Actor Jon Hamm and Outstanding Lead Actress Elizabeth Moss. Jon Hamm’s performance this season can very well win him the award but the favorite is Bryan Cranston for his portrayal as Walter White.