Darren Criss wants you to 'Listen Up'



Over the course of a year, Darren Criss went from YouTube sensation to Billboard charting artist and actor on Emmy Award-winning series Glee. Criss attended the University of Michigan where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting. While attending college he became one of the founding members of Team Starkid, a musical theatre company. Starkid’s first production, A Very Potter Musical, was originally uploaded to Youtube for friends and family and unintentionally garnered millions of views around the world in a few days. Criss has written lyrics and composed music for numerous songs for Team Starkid Productions, which became the first student-produced musical group recording to make Billboard charts.

In 2010, Criss joined the cast of Glee as Blaine Anderson and since then his career has taken off. According to Billboard.com, Criss’ debut song on Glee “Teenage Dream” was the fastest-selling Glee single and reached number eight on the Billboard Hot 100.

In regards to acting, Darren Criss is shifting from television to the big screen this summer. Criss will be starring along side Kristen Wiig in “Girl Most Likely”, a summer comedy about a New York playwright to who must adjust to the idea that she will not become famous. “Girl Most Likely” will be Criss’ film debut.

This summer, Criss will also be on the road for his “Listen Up…” summer tour, which he announced on his YouTube channel. The tour consists of 16 dates across the United States and Canada. The tour begins on May 29 in San Francisco and then follows with a show in Los Angeles and Anaheim, Calif. Within a week, the tour was completely sold out.

In the video on his YouTube channel, he announced that he is working on a full-length solo album and this tour is an opportunity for those to hear those songs before they are released. The tour will also include fan favorite songs from his Human EP, Starkid musicals and Glee.

Criss’ career has expanded from YouTube to touring North America and being featured shows and movies. Criss' summer tour is sold out, but tickets can still be found on stubhub.com and ebay.com.

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