Cali Cocina



Are you a student looking for a fresh meal between classes? Well, CSULB's newest dining destination, Cali Cocina, has got you covered. This new grill features traditional favorites from Mexico with a modern, West-coast twist. This Cocina’s appetizing array of delicious new foods provides a delicious lineup of menu options. When ordering at the counter, the open display of food shows customers their choice of carnitas, fish, steak, barbacoa, grilled chicken, or vegetarian fajitas. These can be mixed with flavorsome brown or Spanish rice, tasty black or pinto beans, and crisp, juicy vegetables. The medley of flavors is then stuffed in a wheat or corn tortilla, layered in a bowl, or tossed in a salad to create a variety of delicious dining selections.

Basically, what you see is what you get in this kitchen. Cali Cocina is all about good food and a tastier dining experience. You can now custom make your own meals based on individual taste and preference. With fun, over-the-top options like the California Burrito and Asada Tater Tots alongside simpler fare like the cheese quesadilla and chopped salad, this is a restaurant that caters to everyone on campus.

If you’re excited to try the newest, freshest food around, then visit the University Dining Plaza, and look for Cali Cocina.

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