Toasting to the End of Another Semester



It’s not that you have to wait for summer to find a good place to grab a drink, but with break just around the corner, it gives you a good reason to do it anyway. There are infinite options pretty much anywhere you go, but there are many places that specialize in a certain spirit or have really great tasting cocktails. Most of them are found in Los Angeles, but lately little gems have popped up in Long Beach that give you a similar experience without copying the exact feel.

If you are a fan of tequila, there is a pearl in L.A. called Las Perlas. They specialize in cocktails using tequila or mezcal. Mezcal is the smokey version of tequila. Similar to how scotch is to whiskey. Upon walking in, Las Perlas is decorated with paintings on the wall and is adorned with clay jugs. It takes you to a place that feels like you are lost in Mexico. The cocktails vary from citrusy flavors to savory flavors. If you like Patròn, you won’t find it here, but they will introduce to tequilas that are far better.

Is L.A. too far for you? Don’t fret, for here is a tequila bar in Long Beach too. Located on Pine St., Agavesspecializes in tequila cocktails and has a great selection. Agaves separates itself from a place like Las Perlas because it is a restaurant that turns into a club in the evening. So if you want to eat, drink, and dance, Agaves is the place for you.

L.A. has you covered if you're not looking for tequila, but a good array of spirits to choose from. Tony’s Saloon is bar situated just outside of downtown L.A. which has a full bar with options like bourbon, gin, vodka, beer, and more. It has a Long Beach feel because it is frequented by locals.

Hungry? Great, there is a pizza place right next door. Now you can have your pie and eat it too. Tony’s has a great old-fashioned. Just don’t ask for Red Bull orJagger, they don’t bother. For entertainment, they have a ping pong and pool table too.

Still don’t want to make the drive to L.A.? No problem. Stop by The Stache on Fourth Street in Long Beach. Here, you will find craft cocktails made with an array of spirits. Fresh juices complete the drinks and a pool table gives The Stache that local feel.

Now get out there 49ers! Whether you want to go to L.A. or stay local, there’s something for you. Here’s to the end of spring 2013. CHEERS!

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