Dig Appetit: A Culinary Journey



Growing up, one of my favorite things to do was try new food. I developed a passion for food, and have now decided to pursue a career as a chef. Here are some of the places I discovered in the midst of my culinary journey in California. Nick's Deli - Seal Beach If you are looking for a something quick and delicious to eat Nick’s Deli has what you want. They serve a one of a kind breakfast burrito that will overwhelm your taste buds with flavor. They have all types of food on their menu, but they are known for their infamous breakfast burritos. They have all kinds of burritos: veggie, pastor, Italian, the basic ham and egg, and their signature chorizo burrito. All the burritos are also stuffed with cheese and potatoes to add the extra kick to your taste buds, and the deli makes their own fresh salsa ranging from mild to hot. The chorizo burrito is the best, and this well may be the best burrito you will every taste.

"The Mess" at Schooner or Later which consists of chopped ham, onion and bell pepper with hash browns and eggs.
"The Mess" at Schooner or Later which consists of chopped ham, onion and bell pepper with hash browns and eggs.

Schooner or Later - Long BeachSchooner or Later is a restaurant for those who just want a place to sit down, relax, and enjoy the perfect breakfast or lunch. This eatery is a hidden “diamond in the rough.” It is a family-owned restaurant run by a brother and sister who bought it a while back, and it is booming more than ever in the culinary world. You may recognize it from a show called “Dinner, Drive-ins and Dives” on the Food Network. I always recommend this place to anyone who wants a view of the ocean as they enjoy their meal. They have a variety of food on the menu, but they are notorious for their plate called “The Mess”. It consists of hashbrowns, eggs, onions, cheese, bell peppers, and chopped ham served on sourdough bread. There is one unique thing about the dish; you cannot make any changes to it because it would defeat the whole purpose of its name. The wait to get your order of “The Mess” can be a bit crazy, but they do have a bar open so you can get drinks or coffee while you wait. Sometimes the wait can be very long, but the delicious food makes it all worth it.

Napa Rose - Anaheim This award-winning restaurant is expensive, but amazing and well worth the price. It is located inside the Disneyland’s Grand Californian Hotel and is the definition of the perfect fine dining experience. The restaurant is beautiful and the waiters are nice know what they are talking about if you have any question about the food that they serve. The menu consists of a lot of different types of food, but if you want the best experience, eat at the chef’s counter. He will make everything for you, and explain what it is and how it was cooked. When I went to Napa Rose, I had a five-course meal and although I was full by the fourth plate, I could say no to the fifth. I am glad that I didn’t, because that was the best thing I ever ate. This place is a bit pricey, but it was worth the price and the experience. I would not think twice about going again.

New York Pizza Delivery - Palm SpringsNew York Pizza Delivery is a small pizzeria right in the heart of Palm Springs. This pizza joint is the real deal for pizza lovers. They have deep dish, thin crust, and the customer favorite New York style pizza. This pizza has all the qualities that people want in a pizza. It has the perfect amount of sauce and cheese. The wait is a bit long to get a slice of pizza, but they cook them to order and it is worth the wait. These owners are from New York, and they know what they are doing when it comes to cooking great pizza.

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