Childish Gambino “Camp” Nov. 15

Actor Donald Glover of NBC’s Community is a busy guy.  He was a writer for 30 Rock before landing his role on Community, he is a successful stand-up comedian, and in his free time he raps under the monicker “Childish Gambino.”  Don’t let the fact that he’s a comedian fool you, though.  Donald wants Childish Gambino to be taken seriously, and his first two singles off his upcoming studio album “Camp” are proof of that.  His comedic side does come out in his clever lyrics however.  On his first single “Freaks and Geeks,” Gambino raps about girls, fame, life in the spotlight, and more girls.  The subject matter is similar to any Kanye West or Lil’ Wayne song, but the execution is witty and unique.


“The Muppets” Nov. 23

You would be hard-pressed to find a person born in the 80s or 90s who does not have a fondness for the Muppets.  The Muppet Movie and its many sequels are classic family films that transcend generations.  This film, the first Muppet release since Muppets from Space in 1999, is a reboot of the series.  Written by and starring proclaimedMuppet-fanatic Jason Segel from Forgetting Sarah Marshall and How I Met Your Mother, this film promises classic Muppet mayhem starring all of our favorite felt friends.

“Hugo” Nov. 23

Hugo, starring Sasha Baron Cohen and Johnny Depp is a 3D film by legendary director MartinScorcese.  Set in the 1930s, the film is about a young orphan boy who lives in the walls of a train station and is trying to solve the mystery of an old key left to him by his late father.  This film is noteworthy because it is Martin Scorcese’s first 3D film.  It should be interesting to see an award-winning master director try out the technology.  Early buzz about the film has been extremely positive.


“Bored to Death” HBO Sunday 9 p.m.

Bored to Death on HBO has really hit its stride in the 3rd season this year.  The show stars JasonSchwartzman (The Darjeeling Limited) as Johnathan Ames, a struggling New York novelist who moonlights as an unlicensed private detective.  He is joined by his best friend Ray, played by the always hilarious Zach Galifinakis(The Hangover), and his boss George, played by a scene-stealing Ted Danson.  Every episode, the three of them solve local mysteries while getting increasingly intoxicated, all while trying to keep their normal jobs and their sanity.  The show is written by and created by the actual novelist Jonathan Ames based on his short stories.


“Red State”

Filmmaker Kevin Smith is famous for his raunchy and over-the-top comedies such as Clerks, Dogma and Mallrats.  So, it was a surprise to everyone when he announced that his next film would be a dark and violent horror movie about a diabolical cult of evangelical Christians.  The biggest surprise, however, is that the film is fantastic and legitimately intense.  The plot involves three high school students who answer a craigslist ad and end up getting captured by a family of hardcore Christians who wish to “punish” them for their sins.  This leads to a police investigation and a violent shootout.  John Goodman and Melissa Leo both give great performances, but it is Michael Parks who shines as the diabolical leader of the church.  Smith manages to pack action, scares and a bit of social commentary into the 90-minute film.


“Quora”  Free to Download

Quora is a new app that makes it easy to get answers to some of your toughest questions.  You can ask Quora a question and get answers from people around the world.  Answers are voted up or down based on their accuracy, and you can browse the best question and answers while you’re on the go.  It’s like Wikipedia, but instead of complete anonymity, you can tell which answers are reliable and which are false.  Time Magazine has called Quora “a potential revolution in knowledge.”