April 24- Jack White- Blunderbuss

Jack White doesn’t like to stick to one thing for very long. After years with The White Stripes, a band that was basically an excuse for him to do whatever he wanted while his ex-wife Meg White tagged along, he has been a part of multiple projects including The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather. Both of these bands had a signature Jack White bluegrass/rock style while still sounding different than anything he had done before. Now he is finally releasing his first album as a solo artist, which means he has the freedom to change his style completely from song to song. Recently on the otherwise atrocious Lindsay Lohan episode of SNL, he stole the show with performances of “Love Interruption” and “Sixteen Saltines.” “Love Interruption” is a slow and serious song about the ways love can destroy someone. On the contrary, “Sixteen Saltines” is a blazing fast Jack White crunchy riff-filled rock song. Both songs have completely different backing bands and sounds, meaning this could be the most interesting and different thing Jack White has ever done.


April 13th- The Cabin in the Woods

“The Cabin in the Woods” is a horror film co-written and directed  by Drew Goddard, a veteran of the show “Lost” and the writer of the film “Cloverfield.” The other co-writer and producer of the film is Joss Whedon, creator of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and the writer and director of a little upcoming film you may have heard of called “The Avengers.” The plot seems simple -- a group of college students go on vacation to a secluded cabin in the woods and begin dying one at a time. However, knowing Joss Whedon and his tendency to play with genre and fan expectations, this film should be more than meets the eye. A few hints in the trailer point to the fact that the seemingly cliche plot may be that way on purpose, and there could even be a sci-fi element to the film. Hopefully future trailers for this film don’t spoil too many of the surprises, because early reports from the South by Southwest film festival say that this film is even more fun if you don’t know much going into it.

March 23rd- The Raid: Redemption

The film “The Raid: Redemption” technically came out in late March, but since it is a foreign film that is likely to receive a limited release, you will still be able to find it in theaters this month. It is worth mentioning because it is being called one of the best action films in years. The simple plot is that a SWAT team in Indonesia has to battle their way through 30 stories of a building that has been taken over by a crime lord. The result is one nonstop ass-kicking scene after the next. Definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of martial arts movies.


Archer, Seasons 1-2

FX’s “Archer” continues to be one of the smartest and funniest comedies on television. The animated spoof of James Bond and 80’s spy shows is so rapid-fire with its comedic references, it’s sometimes hard to keep up. Luckily, all the episodes form the first two seasons are now available on Netflix for you to watch again and again. H. Jon Benjamin’s deadpan portrayal of Sterling Archer as a womanizing playboy secret agent is hilarious, and the supporting voice cast is extremely talented.


Fans of director Darren Aronofsky (“Black Swan”, “Requiem for a Dream”) should check out his first directorial effort, a trippy black and white thriller about a mathematician who discovers the meaning of the universe and has trouble keeping it to himself. The film shows the early signs of the director’s rapid-fire style and his choice of dark and somewhat depressing subject matter.


 Angry Birds Space:

After the past few years of Angry Birds mania, it is impossible to go to a store without seeing countless Angry Birds toys, clothes and merchandise. The iPhone and iPad game has become an international phenomenon. However, after multiple updates adding more worlds and characters, it seemed like the Angry Birds had run out of ideas. Now, the latest update to the game has proven that the birds have some new tricks up their sleeve. Angry Birds Space is now available for all your touch screen devices, and it  has added a whole new level of excitement and difficulty to the game. Now that the birds have made it to space, they have to deal with the gravity on planets of various sizes. The birds spin around small planets to knock pigs into the far reaches of space. It didn’t seem possible, but Rovio has managed to add a much needed update that makes the game seem as new and refreshing as it was when you first downloaded it.