Oct. 2 | Muse - "The 2nd Law"

Muse confused and possibly enraged some of their loyal fans when they announced that their new album was inspired by Skrillex.  Nobody knew exactly what this meant until the first single “Madness” was released and people realized they meant it quite literally: there will be dubstep on this Muse album. Although this may have sent many Muse fans running for the hills, “Madness” is actually a surprisingly catchy track, with lead singer Matthew Bellamy’s Freddie Mercury-like operatic vocals melding strangely with the synthesized background beats. This album could either be a massive disaster or an interesting stylistic change for a band known for its recognizable sound. Radiohead went digital with “Kid A” back in 2000 and was eventually praised for it. Let’s hope this situation is similar. Movies

Oct. 5 | "V/H/S"

This innovative anthology horror film is already available on demand from some cable providers, but it will also make a fun scary movie to go see in theaters to start off the Halloween season. The plot loosely revolves around a group of criminals who break into a house to steal a single VHS tape, which is apparently worth a lot of money. While searching for the tape they need, they find a series of disturbing found-footage films which all have a psycho-sexual twist. The found-footage VHS quality makes the film even creepier, and despite a few cheesy segments, it is a lot of fun.

Oct. 5 | "Taken 2"

The creators of “Taken” really dug themselves into a hole with the title of their movie. Now that the second film is called “Taken 2” they are literally required to have somebody get taken during the movie. Hopefully they find an innovative way to change up the storyline, because the first film was a surprisingly engaging action film with a fantastically badass performance by LiamNeeson.

Oct. 12 | "Argo"

A few years ago most people would be embarrassed to call themselves a Ben Affleck fan. His relationship with Jennifer Lopez and a string of bad movies almost destroyed his career. However, he recently proved to everybody that he is better behind the camera than in front of it, and his first two directorial efforts “Gone Baby Gone” and “The Town” were engaging and visually stunning. His next film “Argo” is based on a true story about Americans posing as a film crew to evacuate hostages from Iran in 1979. The film also stars Bryan Cranston of “Breaking Bad” and the always-fantastic John Goodman.

Oct. 26 | "Cloud Atlas"

The Wachowski siblings have not released a film since the disastrous cartoon adaptation “Speed Racer.” Although that film was awful, the Matrix creator’s visual style has always been great as long as they have suitably strange source material. “Cloud Atlas” is based on a book by David Mitchell, which features a series of intertwining stories that span across space and time. Tom Hanks and Halle Berry each play multiple roles and characters of different time periods and even races during the film. If there is any way that this story could be made into a film, the Wachowskis are the ones to do it. Theater

The Book of Mormon

If you are able to snag tickets to the South Park creator’s hilarious, vulgar and all around brilliant musical send up of religion, it’s an absolute must-see. Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s writing may be sharper than it’s ever been, and the songs will be stuck in your head for weeks afterwards. The show runs until Nov. 25 at the Pantages Theatre. Netflix

Battle Royale

It’s hard to be a fan of last year’s bland adaptation of “The Hunger Games,” when this Japanese cult classic exists. The plot is relatively the same; a group of middle-schoolers are put on an island, given a weapon and forced to battle to the death. Where “The Hunger Games” shied away from the inherently violent premise, this film embraces it, and the violence gets to exciting and disturbing levels. Watch this film once and you will forget about “The Hunger Games” immediately.