Nov. 13 | How to Destroy Angels - "An Omen"

Nine Inch Nails creator and frontman Trent Reznorhas been busy the past few years making music for films such as “The Social Network” and “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.” However, he has not been too busy to finish this new release from his side project How to Destroy Angels.

How to Destroy Angels is very similar to Nine Inch Nails’ later, more gentle work, but this time Reznorhas left the singing up to his wife MariqueenMaandig. The female vocals bring an interesting touch to this style of music, and it should be interesting to see what kind of trippy tracks the group releases on their second album. Movies

Nov. 2 | Wreck It Ralph

Disney’s latest animated effort is a hugely ambitious look at video games, which has the potential to be our generation’s “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.” John C. Reilly voices Ralph, the Donkey Kong-like villain of a fictional 80's arcade game called Fix-it Felix. Ralph feels like nobody respects him because he’s a “bad guy,” so he runs away from his own game and infiltrates other video games in the arcade of all different genres.

This film is exciting because the animation is beautifully crafted and the characters look like a lot of fun. However, the most exciting aspect is going to be the constant nerdy inside jokes and cameos from all kinds of video game characters from past and present. Bowser from Super Mario, a ghost from Pac-Man and Q*bert all make an appearance in the trailer, and there are sure to be even more in the final film.

Nov. 9| "Skyfall"

Compared to the 2006 masterful “Casino Royale,” the most recent Bond film “Quantum of Solace” was a bit of a dull disappointment. This year’s Bond film seems to be an attempt to make up for it. Directed by Academy Award-winner Sam Mendes, the film looks to be the most exciting Bond film in years. Mendes has actually worked with Daniel Craig before on his underrated 2002 crime thriller “Road to Perdition.” That film proved that Mendes can direct thrilling action while also crafting an engaging story, and this film should be no different.

Nov. 21 | "Life of Pi"

Based on the popular novel, “Life of Pi” looks to be one of the most visually impressive films of the year. The story is about a young man named Pi who is the only survivor of a terrifying shipwreck, and finds himself on a small lifeboat with an orangutan, a hyena, a wounded zebra and a Bengal tiger.

The plot sounds both bizarre and simplistic, and based on the trailer director Ang Lee is using this film as excuse to paint a visually spectacular picture in every scene. This one is going to be worth seeing in theaters.


2 Days in Paris

“2 Days in Paris” is a laugh out loud indie comedy film written, directed by and starring Julie Delpy. Almost the entire plot can be deciphered from the title. Delpy plays a French woman who brings her chain-smoking, neurotic American boyfriend Jack to Paris to meet her crazy parents. The film is kind of an anti-romantic comedy, because the audience has to watch their relationship fall apart over the course of a few short days. This is a great film for anybody who has been traveling and has suffered culture-shock, or for anybody who is embarrassed of their parents.

The Puffy Chair

“The Puffy Chair” is an extremely low-budget independent film directed by the Duplassbrothers. The film created and popularized a new genre of film called “mumblecore” which features simplistic plots and realistic characters interacting in a believable environment. Much of the film’sdialogue is improvised. The plot involves a man finding a chair on Ebay which is an almost perfect replica of a chair his father owned years ago, and the long road trip he takes to retrieve the chair for his father’s upcoming birthday. Fans of independent cinema will really enjoy this one.

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