Feb. 1 | "Sound City"

Dave Grohl may have upset his many fans when he released the news in 2012 that his popular band Foo Fighters would be taking a break, but that doesn’t mean the multi-talented musician would be taking a break himself. Grohl is making his directorial debut with “Sound City,” a documentary about the famous Van Nuys, Calif. recording studio which has been used by Nirvana, Trent Reznor, Paul McCartney and many other legendary artists. The film will be released in a few theaters in Los Angeles this month and can be purchased at soundcitymovie.com.

Feb. 1 | "Warm Bodies"

At first glance this “zombie love story” may seem to be the “Twilight” of zombie movies, but it may have potential to become something more than that. First of all, it’s directed by Jonathan Levine, the director of 2011’s fantastic comedy-drama “50/50,” and the disturbing and underrated horror film “All the Boys Love Mandy Lane.” Secondly, unlike the vampires of “Twilight” who barely act like monsters or kill humans at all, these are legitimate zombies who kill people. Lastly, it seems to have a comedic edge and not take itself too seriously since the zombies could talk to each other by grunting. Actor and comedian RobCorddry, known for his work on “Hot Tub Time Machine” and “Childrens Hospital” also stars as a zombie. Unfortunately, the film is rated PG-13, so it may not contain the kind of zombie violence we’ve come to expect from movies with zombies. If you need help deciding for yourself, the first four minutes of the film are available on YouTube.


Feb. 16 | Hollywood Babble-On (Long Beach Laugh Factory)

The hilarious and unapologetically crude live comedy podcast “Hollywood Babble-On” is coming to the Laugh Factory in Long Beach on Feb. 16. The show stars filmmaker, comedian, and pothead Kevin Smith (Clerks, Dogma) and radio personality and master impressionist Ralph Garmin (The Kevin and Bean Show, The JoeSchmo Show) as they skewer the latest Hollywood and pop culture news. The show is highly interactive, and the hosts frequently make fun of the crowd during their “shoutouts” section. This is always a hilarious and unpredictable show and definitely worth seeing. Tickets can be purchased at seesmod.com. Streaming

What if the X-Men never became superheroes? What if when they got superpowers they didn’t care all that much for and found them to be kind of a nuisance. This is the premise of the brilliant British TV show Misfits. When a group of juvenile delinquents doing community service for various crimes get struck by lightning in a weird storm, they develop strange supernatural powers which range from telepathy to time travel. Instead of fighting crime, they try to just go about their business. Unfortunately they weren’t the only ones affected by the storm, and they have to work together to avoid the bizarre things that happen in their world. Raunchy, hilarious, creepy and sometimes heartfelt, this series is not like anything on TV in the U.S. these days. The best part is, every episode of every season is available on Hulu.com, absolutely free.

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