DoorDash Sign-Up Bonus: Everything You Need to Know!

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The DoorDash sign-up bonus is one of the few things new Dashers want to get. This, however, varies depending on several factors, like the city you live in, among others. So, in this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the DoorDash sign-up bonus and how you can get it!

Is Being a DoorDash Driver For You?

This is among the first few questions you need to answer initially before you try to apply as a DoorDash driver. Based on experience, DoorDash is part of the shared gig economy people can use to earn extra money. For some, though, this is their living. Besides your desire to earn money, it’s also an excellent way to travel around your city or area!

Here are a few of the reasons why many people want to become a DoorDash driver:

  • It’s flexible, and they don’t have to abide by a specific time
  • The pay is flexible in the sense that you can choose when you get paid
  • You don’t have a boss. But you have to abide by the laws and regulations of DoorDash

Now that you’ve decided whether being a DoorDash driver is for you, let’s look at what’s needed to be eligible to apply and be a DoorDash driver or Dasher.

What Are the Requirements to be a DoorDash Driver?

In this section, we’ll discuss the requirements, including the prerequisites and the documentation needed. Let’s start by visiting the prerequisites to know whether you’re eligible to be a DoorDash driver.

Requirements Before Becoming a DoorDash Driver

  • Must have their own smartphone with the DoorDash driver app installed.
  • Should be at least 18 years old (because some states allow 17-year-olds to get their driver’s licenses).
  • Must have access to a bicycle or any vehicle (scooter, motorcycle, car, or truck).
  • Should pass the background checks done by DoorDash.
  • Must not have more than three accidents in the past three years.
  • Must not have any major traffic violations in the past seven years.

Documentations Required For DoorDash Driver Applicants

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Valid insurance policy (name must be on the policy)
  • Social Security Number (SSN) for background checking

Before you get excited about that DoorDash driver sign-up bonus, here are some things you need to pass their assessment and eligibility.

Is There a DoorDash Driver Sign-Up Bonus?

DoorDash Sign-Up Bonus
DoorDash Sign-Up Bonus

This information changes every year. Luckily, this 2023, you can expect a DoorDash sign-up bonus offered by DoorDash. It is important to understand that the amount you can get depends on the area you’ll be in — the specific city or town you will service.

To answer, though, yes, DoorDash offers a sign-up bonus. The only prerequisite is that you’ll need a valid DoorDash driver referral code for the bonus amount to be available. We’ll talk more about that in the latter part of this guide.

How Does the DoorDash Sign-Up Bonus Work?

It works simply by you signing up as a DoorDash Driver, completing all the necessary documents, and starting your Dashes. To help you with the step-by-step process, here’s how you can sign up for DoorDash as new drivers.

Step #1: Apply to be a DoorDash Driver

The first step in being a DoorDash Driver is to apply for a DoorDash account. DoorDash recommends using their sign-up link to create your account. But, doing so might not get you the signup bonus because you need to sign up using a referral code.

You’ll have to input:

  • Postal Code
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number

Step #2: Referral Code

A recent update changed the signup bonus formula the company is offering. Older referral links wouldn’t work. It has to be a new one. Moreover, there are also a few other changes that trigger bonuses.

  • The signup bonus or guaranteed earnings can go as high as $1,000.
  • You need a valid and new DoorDash driver referral code or a referral link when you sign up

Here are a few referral links you can try:

Guaranteed Earnings, evidently, is the guaranteed amount that a new Dasher can get, depending on certain factors. And that is what DoorDash is currently promoting/recommending, not the referral way. We’ll talk more about that later.

Step #3: Contact Information

Then, enter your contact information so the company can contact you in case they need you to provide more details. The contact info they’ll ask for would only be the email address and the phone number.

Step #4: Background Check

After that, all aspiring drivers must finish the background check. The background check is DoorDash’s way of checking whether an applicant DoorDash Driver has all the eligibility for the position. DoorDash guarantees that this information is kept safe and confidential. This requires you to fill out the following:

  • Birthdate
  • Vehicle Type
  • Social Security Number (SSN)
  • DoorDash Orientation Schedule

You have to attend the orientation to learn more about how the process works, just like how an Uber driver, a Postmates driver, a Lyft driver, or whatever the gig economy requires.

NOTE: Some areas offer virtual online orientation sessions, so you don’t have to spend time attending to a physical site.

Step #5: Download the DoorDash Driver App

Lastly, download the app and wait for updates! That is the complete and comprehensive DoorDash application process to become a DoorDash driver. New DoorDash drivers may find it easy, especially with the referral program, but that isn’t actually the primary process any longer.

As we said earlier, the Guaranteed Earnings are their main beef! So, let’s take a look at that now!

What are the DoorDash Guaranteed Earnings?

Now, if you are interested in now how the Guaranteed Earnings of DoorDash works, this is the right guide. From what it’s called alone, it’s a type of incentive where DoorDash drivers or Dashers will get guaranteed earnings (guaranteed amount) after completing deliveries.

Contrary to popular belief, this is not a DoorDash promo code, nor is it a type of program DoorDash drivers can get.

Moreover, this does not require a DoorDash referral code in order for use or activation. Let’s dive deeply into how an applicant DoorDash Driver can get this.

Am I Eligible For the DoorDash Guaranteed Earnings?

The eligibility for the Guaranteed Earnings won’t need a DoorDash referral code. It’s also important to note that this is not a DoorDash referral bonus and, instead, is a program that DoorDash offers to some drivers as a DoorDash sign-up bonus.

To know if you’re eligible, you need to do the DoorDash sign-up using a Guaranteed Earnings sign-up page. It must be unique, meaning no other applicant driver must have used it already.

It’s like a DoorDash referral code or link. If you don’t see it, it only means you aren’t eligible to get it. This is the only way to get the incentives from Guaranteed Earnings.

What DoorDash drivers don’t like about this is that it’s not an incentive or a signup bonus. Instead, it’s like a conditional program where it requires Dashers to complete required deliveries within a given timeframe.

This is far different from how a DoorDash referral or DoorDash promo code was used.

Guaranteed Earnings Example

It’s understandable if you’re not getting it 100%; we get it. I mean, why not just have it as simple as a DoorDash sign-up bonus or an incentive that’s clear and straight to the point?

Let’s take this as an example. You see the prompt on your app, saying, “Earn at least $1,000 in total earnings after your first 100 deliveries as a new DoorDash Driver if you complete it in 21 days .”

  • In your first 21 days as a Dasher, completing 100 deliveries will get you at least $1,000.
  • If you earn only $800, DoorDash will add $200. If you make $900, DoorDash adds $100.
  • However, if you earn $1,200, you exceed the minimum deliveries and amount guarantee, automatically excluding you from this payment program.

This means this type of DoorDash sign-up bonus will be automatically nulled if you exceed it. May it be because of distances, the number of deliveries, or the city you live in. If you exceed, you’re disqualified.

Many Dashers don’t appreciate this, and instead, they wish for the old DoorDash sign-up bonus formula to take effect again. Nevertheless, it’s a good way to earn money — even a little extra if you fall short of what was guaranteed.

What Are DoorDash Challenges?

Many new DoorDash account holders or DoorDash drivers get confused in determining DoorDash Challenges from the Guaranteed Earnings. To put it simply, DoorDash Challenges are incentives that allow a DoorDash driver to earn extra money by completing a certain number of deliveries within a given period.

For instance, the challenge is to complete 80 deliveries from Monday at 12:01 AM to Wednesday at 11:59 PM. The reward is $50. You’ll see the DoorDash sign for challenges on your DoorDash app.

Many people confuse it with the Guaranteed Earnings, saying that it’s like a DoorDash referral bonus — but it’s not. DoorDash Challenges are available to all Dashers in the area, while the Guaranteed Earnings is only for new Dashers, typically those that haven’t been Dashing for a month yet.

DoorDash Challenges is just one of the programs that the food delivery app has to give back to its Dashers or drivers, while Guaranteed Earnings is like a new driver promotion to entice people to Dash.

NOTE: There are definite rules in both the Guaranteed Earnings and DoorDash Challenges. Therefore, it’s right to read and contact DoorDash if you have questions or concerns about what the promotion or the program is all about.

This year, that’s the only DoorDash referral bonus available. Although it’s not really a “referral code” since you’ll need a referral link, it still encourages new drivers and Dashers to work!


You could still have a few more questions about DoorDash’s sign-up bonus and referral code availability. So, we prepared some of the most asked questions about it!

How Do You Get $30 on DoorDash?

The $30 DoorDash signup bonus was a previous program that the company had. They gave a new driver from $20 to $30 if he or she signed up using a valid and qualified DoorDash referral code.

What is DoorDash’s $300 For 10 Deliveries?

Many DoorDash Driver bonus incentives involved completing orders for a specific time. However, many Dashers and drivers say that the $300 for 10 deliveries has been taken down quite fast due to the easy and fast complexity of it. Furthermore, many Dashers sought this to be a lucrative promo, resulting in them not believing it long enough to work for it.

How do you sign up for the DoorDash Guaranteed Earnings?

To be eligible for the DoorDash Guaranteed Earnings sign-up bonus, you need to register using a valid Guaranteed Earnings sign-up link. If you don’t see it on your app or during sign-up, it means you aren’t eligible for the Guaranteed DoorDash driver earnings.

Is There a DoorDash 100 Deliveries Bonus?

The delivery driver bonuses vary, especially with the Guaranteed Earnings. It’s different per city, but some cities have it the same. To answer, yes, there could be a 100 deliveries bonus for DoorDash drivers, but to be sure, check out what promos DoorDash has for their drivers!

Do You Get a Free DoorDash When You Sign Up?

For consumers, yes, they do. Many think that the DoorDash bonus is a cash bonus when, in fact, it’s just a $0 delivery fee on the first order as a DoorDash customer! Don’t be misled by incorrect or wrong information about treats and promos from these delivery companies.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for the DoorDash sign-up bonus before applying to become a DoorDash driver, this is it! While some areas no longer have sign-up bonus programs through referral codes, the Guaranteed Earnings is also a way to entice and motivate people to apply and be a DoorDash Driver or Dasher!

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