[17 Ways] How To Make 400 Dollars Fast in 2024

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Are you also in trouble and looking for the easiest ways to make 400 dollars fast? If so, you are in the right place.

Whether you need money to pay your rent, repair your car, or pay your unpaid bills, it can be anything else, but arranging money when needed is the most challenging task.

I get it. I have been there. I know it is difficult to arrange money, especially when you need it the most, but don’t worry.

In this post, I have shared the 17 legitimate ways that you use to make $400 fast without putting in too much effort.

I will share my personal ways to make $400 dollar online at the end of the post.

So make sure you read till the end.

17 Legit Ways to Make $400 Fast (without skill)

Legit Ways to Make $400 Fast (without skill)

In this internet era, there is no limitation on how people can make money from the comfort of their homes; people use endless opportunities to make money.

However, most of these methods are time-consuming and require technical skills, which you can’t afford when you need the money urgently.

Here, I have shared the list of legit and proven ways to make 400 dollars fast. Most of the methods are practical, so you can apply them without any hurdles.

Make $400 by Selling your items

The first and easiest way to make $400 is to sell unused or old products. It can be your laptop, Phone, Desk, TV, or anything else.

Look around your room and see the things you are no longer using, collect them in one place, and sell them to make money from them. In general, you have two ways to sell your old or unused product:

  • Offline
  • Online

I mostly prefer to sell my old products online, but if you want to sell your product offline, you can contact your neighbors, friends, or the people living near your house. They will most likely buy products if they see any value in it.

To sell your old products online, you can use various platforms like eBay, Facebook marketplace, and Posh Mark (good for selling designer clothes).

However, one of the most popular platforms is eBay, which you can use to list your products and sell it online and here are some of the most sold items on the eBay.

  • Electronic products
  • Sports items
  • Jewelry
  • Clothes
  • Toys

One benefit of selling the old item online is that you can add the shipping charge to the bill of the person you are selling your items to, and it does not cost any extra charges to them.

Make $400 with Freelancing

Freelancing can be another excellent way to make 400 dollars fast, but it requires some skill set, and if you have them, you can monetize it easily.

If I talk about myself, apart from my primary business, I have freelanced with some clients and generated more than $60K.

These earnings come from offering SEO, content writing, and digital marketing services.

The best part is many companies hire freelancers to give them the work and pay them well, and many of my friends are already using this method and earning hefty amounts.

But to earn money from freelancing, here are the things that you need to do

  • Identifying what you are good at to offers to the clients
  • Choose the right platform for getting the work
  • Decide the method of taking payment

If you are still unable to find your core skills, consider offering the services below and making money from them.

  • Website design
  • Content writing
  • Social media marketing
  • Graphics Designing
  • Apps development
  • Scriptwriting
  • Youtube channel management

All the above-mentioned skills are high-paying, and if you can provide quality services, you can easily make $400 with one project.

To get a high-paying client, you need to have a strong work portfolio, and in starting, you can reach out to the close of your network who can give you work.

Once you have a good portfolio of work, you can earn thousands of dollars from freelancing.

Earn $400 with a gaming app

If you love and enjoy playing games online, there is good news: You can use your gaming skills to make money.

Yes, you heard it right. Various apps pay you money to play the game. First, you must spend time playing the game and collecting the points you receive in every match.

Once you have collected enough points, you can convert them into cash anytime using your PayPal account, and in some apps, you can also convert your rewards points into gift cards.

Some of the most popular apps include Mistplay, Inbox Dollars, and Swagbucks, which pay you based on the time you spend playing the game on their app and some of the common games are

  • Coin masters
  • Yahtzee
  • Scrabble Go
  • Toon Blast
  • World of Series poker
  • Harvest land
  • Rise of kingdoms
  • And many more

Before you start playing the game and collecting the points, I recommend reading each app’s terms, conditions, and requirements.

Some apps pay you only once you achieve a certain level in the game, while others pay you based on the time you spend playing the game.

So, always choose the apps that pay you based on time spent and then select the game that gives you the highest points.

Using the Survey Sites to make $400 fast

Using survey sites is another legitimate way to easily earn 400 dollars. All you need to do is complete the surveys they give you.

You can use various apps to join these programs, get a high payout, and complete the 400 dollars fast.

But here is the thing: You cannot become rich using this app, but this app can help you make extra bucks, which can fulfill your needs.

In this survey, you only need to express your opinions, share your preferences, and provide feedback on their products.

Various sites in the market offer survey programs to help people earn money, and here is the list of the most popular apps.

  • Survey Junkie
  • Branded Survey
  • My Points

These are the most well-known sites many users use to earn additional income from your program.

For example, if the app pays you $5 for completing one survey, then you just need to complete 80 surveys to get the $400 amount.

This is the simplest way to earn money using the phone without any investment, so sign up for any of the above apps and start your journey.

Make $400 Fast with writing

After working more than five years in digital marketing, I can confidently say that writing is an evergreen profession that can help you make money.

Hundreds of companies need content to grow their business; as said, content is the first thing that customers see before buying a product.

Additionally, various platforms are available online for writing jobs and projects that you need to use to get clients, and some of these most popular sites are Fiverr and Upwork.

However, some of the other ways that you use to monetize your writing skills are

  • Starting your blog
  • Writing for freelance clients
  • Publish your eBooks
  • Launching your writing course

These are some of the popular ways that you can make money with your writing skills, and if you have a strong grasp of your skills, then making $400 is not a difficult task.

Focus on getting the high pay, which makes it easier for you to earn $400 in less time, but for that, you need to have the work sample and portfolio of your work, and once you have these things, no one can stop you make money with your skills.

Earn $400 Fast with House Cleaning

If you are not shy, then this is another option to consider to make 400 dollars, as many working professionals are busy with their schedules and do not have the time to clean their houses and look for people to clean their houses.

If you live in tier 1 cities, then cleaning your house might be the most demanding work in your locality, and most busy homeowners are ready to pay for it.

The normal charge for cleaning houses ranges from $5 to $35 per hour, depending on the type of work and location.

It can be a viable option, especially when you need the money urgently to find opportunities to clean the house; you can simply search on Google for “house cleaning opportunities,” and you will find various opportunities for the work.

Rent out space and make $400 Fast

Another interesting way to earn $400 is to rent out space. Now, you may be wondering what this means.

This means that if you have extra room or space in your home, you can consider renting it to someone who needs it. In return, they will pay you a certain amount of money.

Usually, this money depends on the amount of space you have rented and the location of your space.

Most importantly, the Airbnb and Neighbour apps allow you to rent your room, car, parking space, or anything else from your phone.

The key to making money from this method depends on various factors, and some of them are.

  • The way you mentioned the details of your space in the app
  • Customer Rating
  • Testimonials of happy customers

Note – if you have the space in the standard area, you will likely charge more rent from the people, but if you have the space in the low society area, you will most likely get paid less.

Overall, you need to present accurate and realistic details on the renting app so that most customers rent out your space, and eventually, you can make money from it.

Donate Plasma and $400 Get Paid Fast

Donating plasma is another excellent way to earn extra money, especially when you need money urgently, but this method is not a good option for everyone.

But if you have, you should definitely use this method to earn $400 fast, as donating plasma not only helps you earn money but also helps the patients’ well-being.

Typically, the earnings from this method range from $2 to $50 per donation, but some centers offer higher rates, especially for new donors.

Many people have mentioned that they have more than $800 from donating plasma with eight donations, so please try to do this.

You don’t need to worry about whether you will donate your plasma. Many companies and organizations are actively looking for plasma donors.

Deliver Grocery and Food Items to earn 400 dollars Fast

One industry that has taken off after the pandemic is the food and delivery industry, which has opened various opportunities for people to earn extra money.

But to earn money using this, here are a few things that you need to have

  • Must have the transport facility
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Have some basic education

If you have these things, you can work for apps like DoorDash and Uber Eats and earn money immediately; you will get paid for each delivery.

The best thing about this app is that you can earn additional money if someone gives you tips for delivering their parcel.

Another way of making money using the app is to deliver grocery items to customers according to their orders—for that, you need to head to the grocery stores, pick the items mentioned on their list, and deliver them to them.

Apps like Intsacart and Ship allow the buyers to create the list, as they don’t have the time you will shop for them and get paid.

Overall, it’s a good way to earn instant cash without investment. You don’t have to wait for the month to get paid; you will get paid as you deliver the products.

Cash Back apps for making $400

Cashback apps can be a good option for making 400 dollars, especially since you like to shop online. But here is the catch: To earn money from this app, you need to shop by using their app.

I have been using this app, which has become my go-to shopping app. It not only helps me to sort by shopping but also helps me to earn money.

On average, you get a commission between 1 and 40 percent, which makes it one of the first choices for many people to shop using their platform and earn hefty money.

Here is a list of some apps you use to shop online and earn money from.

  • Iboota
  • Fetch Rewards
  • Dosh
  • Checkout 51

In short, this is an excellent app for earning money without putting in too much effort. All you need to do is shop from their app; this is free money to grab by signing off today.

Use Free Stock Apps to Get $400 Bonus

If you are keen on trading and the stock market, then choosing this method of earning can be a game changer for you. There are various apps that offer free stock worth $5 to $225 without investment.

Apps like Robinhood and Acorns are good ways to make money as they offer $5 to $225 per share as a reward once you sign up on their app.

But here is the catch—the amount of rewards you receive depends on the app you are using for stock trading, but ultimately, it’s an excellent way to make money.

Most importantly, it depends on how you manage your stock.

For example, if you store your stock for some interval, you expect it to grow over time, or if you need it urgently, you can transfer it immediately.

People who are interested in the stock market can consider this as the best option for making money. You can also earn a bonus by referring your friends and if they join from your link.

Start Tutoring to make 400 dollars fast

It is one of the traditional ways of making money, but it still works; if you have the expertise in any subject, you can teach to the people who want to learn them, or else you also teach the primary school kids and get 400 dollars as their parent pay good money for tutoring their kids.

Finding a student for your tutoring services is not a big deal nowadays. You can use an app like Varsity Tutors, which negotiates on your behalf and gives you clients.

On average, people make $600 per month from tutoring students, and if you are in a good locality, you can easily charge $30-$100 per hour from students.

The key to making money with this method is hidden in the volume side, which means that to make more money, you need to teach more students. It’s as simple as that.

This method is an excellent way to make money and earn $400 quickly. Using these apps deducts some money from your side, but you still have viable options.

Start Pet Care to make 400 dollars fast

Are you also a pet lover and enjoy taking care of pets? If yes, then these might be good options for you.

According to the stats, more than 85 million people in the United States alone have pets, and they spend more than $1300 per year on pet wellness.

The above stats indicate that earning money from pet care is not a bad idea. As mentioned above, you can get everything on your phone in this era.

To get clients for pet care, you can use the Rover app. It is one of the most trusted apps that many pet sitters use and make good money from. This app connects the pet sitter to pet owners needing help caring for their pets.

On average, people make $1000 per month, but you can also increase your earnings by increasing the number of pets you care for.

Focus on providing quality services, and eventually, you can increase your rates; for pet lovers, this can be a great opportunity to earn 400 dollars fast in a legitimate way, so make sure you grab this opportunity.

Sell Digital Products Online to make 400 dollars fast

Selling digital products online is another best and quick way to make money.

All you need to launch your digital product is an internet connection.

It can be eBooks, Video courses, course bundles, or any kind of checklist.

The best part is that launching your own product is not a big deal, especially today when there are endless AI tools available in the market that you can utilize to make money.

I know many people who have created the tool using AI tools and ChatGPT and making good money.

You can use the website esty to sell your product, as many people are looking for digital products like interview preparation guides, morning routines, productive courses, and many more.

In short, once you create a product, list it along with all the necessary information on the website. People who like your product will buy it, and you can make money.

The best thing about this method is that it is cost-effective, and you don’t need to pay shipping charges as you sell the digital products.

In summary, it will be much easier to make money if you can find a gap in the market or create a product that solves a burning problem.

Use a Bank Account Bonus to make 400 dollars fast

Many banks pay customers to open their accounts on their bank, and a bank account bonus refers to the bonus that customers receive once they sign up for their app or platform.

Many banks offer a good bonus on opening a bank account, generally ranging from $50 to $500. However, most of these apps have some conditions that you need to qualify for to get this money.

Some of the best apps that give a good amount of bonuses include

  • Chase
  • Sofi
  • Chase for business
  • Axos Bank.

If you are considering opening an account and want higher bonuses, you can consider these banks. It is one of the easiest ways to earn $400.

Become a Virtual Assistant to make 400 dollars fast

The demand for virtual assistants has grown significantly over the past few years. What does a virtual assistant do?

Virtual assistants are people who help businesses with organizational tasks from home using an internet connection.

The key to making money in this method is helping small businesses that don’t have a big team but want to grow their business by hiring people from different countries.

If you want to earn quick money, a virtual assistant job might be the right option for you. These jobs offer an endless scope of work regardless of your location.

Some of the most common virtual assistance services that people offer are

  • Social media management
  • Answering to the mail and messages
  • Receiving the phone calls
  • Assist with customer support

This method is mentioned because it has an unlimited scope of work. You can work with anyone across the globe, and if you are looking for a virtual assistance job, you can use platforms like Fiverr and Freelancer.

Borrow the money & Get 400 dollars fast

If you have tried all the options mentioned above but are still struggling to earn $400, the last option that you left behind is to get help from your friends, relatives, or loved ones.

This option is only for some, as most people are uncomfortable borrowing money from others.

In that case, you can use the credit card options, but make sure you pay the amount with interest on time.

Lastly, I can assure you that if you try the above-mentioned method, you will need to borrow money from others, so consider this the last option.

Frequently Asked Question

How can I get $400 fast?

There are various ways to make $400 fast. Some options include selling your old products, writing content, using gaming apps, offering freelance services, and using survey sites.

How can I make $400 a week from home?

To earn $400 a week from home, you can try offering freelance services, providing digital marketing services, donating plasma to needy people, teaching students, and selling digital products online.

How to make $400 a month?

For making $400 per month, you can do various things, including freelancing, offering pet care services, delivering food items, selling courses online, and stock trading (if you know)

Also, check:


Earning 400 dollars fast is not a big deal if you know the right and legitimate ways to earn it; from the above post, I have shared the proven ways people use and make money.

I suggest using any of the above methods, which you can apply easily and earn the $400 quickly.

Lastly, while the above methods cannot make you rich overnight, they can help you arrange the $400 you need to fulfill your urgent needs.

If you still have questions about “How to make 400 dollars fast,” please let me know in the comment section.

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