Work, school, Bateman team, mother

Work, school, Bateman team, mother

Stacie Borges, Contributing Writer

“Oh gosh, where do I even begin?” says Cheyenne Goguen, when asked how she balances her busy life. Cheyenne is a senior at Cal State Long Beach and will be earning...  Read More »

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Communality through music

Maddie Sowa, Contributing Writer

“You? You go to raves?” My manager questioned as I told her I need a weekend off in June to go to the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. Semi-offended by her question,...  Read More »

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Body Talk

Body Talk

Ronna White, Staff Writer

Today’s society claims that we are more accepting and less judgmental than previous generations, but this can easily be argued. Producer Paula Richer and Ronnie Larsen...  Read More »

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Jante Diaz, Assistant Online Editor

While walking down 4th Street on Retro Row, one might not expect much based on the exterior of Restauration. But walk through its doors into the outdoor patio, and the skepticism...  Read More »

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HIVE Baseball

HIVE Baseball

Jazmin Arreola, Assistant Online Editor

Seniors graduating this May bleed from their cuticles, biting their nails to the last inch, anticipating what they’ve been rushing for… the UNEMPLOYED LIFE. Dun dun dun! Chad...  Read More »

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The coitus confusion: Thrusting through America’s inconsistencies in sex ed

Brooke Becher, Contributing Writer

The light switches flipped down. Polite hellos welcomed fifth-grade daughters and their mothers as they filed in pairs into the cold cafeteria. A faint, Clorox sting emanated...  Read More »

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