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UTI = WTF Cycle

By: Lizzy Sunshine

Usually a UTI leads to a yeast infection or vice versa and that’s what makes this cycle suck. So in order to get this UTI=WTF Cycle under control, it is helpful to find the right advice quickly. 

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Throwing Some Serious Weight Around

By: Ashley Bermudez

Metroflex Gym in Long Beach is home to many elite athletes and competitors. It is known worldwide and is one of the most photographed gyms in the fitness industry. On the first weekend of October, it hosted the bi-annual United States Powerlifting Association Powerlifting meet, where over 100 men and women participated.

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How to Squat

By: Zachary Juarez

Unfortunately it’s not a day that everyone likes, but leg day is necessary when it comes to weight training. Whether your goal is to increase the mass on your legs, gain strength or improve your jump shot, the squat is a key element.

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