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Look Hot in the Cold

By: Madison Gallegos

For most Southern Californians, winter is one of the worst times of the year. You’re forced out of the warm embrace of shorts and sunshine and into the cold hands of wind and waterproof mascara. Let’s face it—y’all can’t even handle when temperatures drop below 65.

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Fashion Knows No Gender

By: Paola Fernandez  & Ulylisa Maldonado

The fashion world has always been a creative and diverse place where norms are often challenged. One of the many trends that defies traditions is androgynous style. This genre of fashion consists of dressing in a manner that does not conform with a gender, but promotes the idea of fluidity.

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Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

By: Kathy Phan

It seems the spirit of Halloween is rapidly declining due to the outrageous costume prices. Many of us have wandered into pop-up Halloween stores in search of a banger outfit for a fun night of candy begging and ghostly encounters only to find that a tiny slab of fabric costs way more than it should.

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Bright Sights

By: Jaque Craciunescu

In a sea of black, blond, brown and the occasional natural red comes a new cropping of colorful, more unnatural dos. Anything from highlighter pink to midnight blue or even the rarer tangerine orange are all making appearances atop students’ heads.

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