15 Daily Pay Jobs Near Me – Work From Home!

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At least a point in your life, you’ve searched “paid daily jobs near me,” what did you see? Did it tell you to check the time and date, update your browser to view, or check certain postings? Does it tell you that malicious bots can pose as job posts?

Don’t worry; we won’t tell you that!

Instead, we listed 15 of the best-paid daily jobs you can use to earn cash as your primary source of use as a side job or side hustle!

Before we get to that, let us first discuss why people prefer skipping a job-hunting site now more than ever.

Why Skip Job Hunting Sites

Job hunting sites have been sprouting consistently for years, claiming to help the Average Joe land the job of his dreams. However, this suddenly came to a halt because, as time passed by, these websites had stricter security that the average Internet user won’t be able to get past.

From checking the correctness of time and date, updating your browser prompts, or even performance security prompts, it became more challenging for jobseekers to find work.

There will usually be a warning icon that can scare them away! Other prompts that could pose threats include:

  • View This Website Correctly…
  • Your Browser is Out of Date, Update Your Browser to View…
  • Performance Security Issues…
  • And Many More!

What they usually want to see are:

  • Success Icon
  • Site Connection is Secure
  • The site Ensures That the Connection is Secure
  • And Other Positive Prompts

NOTE: You may see this page even if you are using data or on a private network, which makes it all the more confusing!

Here are some job options you can choose from that may or may not require high-level skills that would get you paid daily.

15 Best Same-Day Pay Jobs That Are in Demand

There are many jobs you can do where you can get paid daily. But the following have been the best that have the most considering pay for customers.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats
Uber Eats

Uber Eats is a service launched by Uber and is available in 45+ countries. It’s a service that allows customers to purchase food without setting foot outside their homes. Besides food fast food and restaurants, customers can even use it to get their groceries or buy from convenience stores, too!

Delivery drivers from Uber Eats make an average of $10 to $25 per hour. Not only that, they can also get paid daily via Instant Pay with only $0.50 to use!

Branded Surveys

If you haven’t heard of branded surveys before, then you must be living under a rock! Kidding aside, these are surveys from platforms that are used for market research. You can take this opportunity to earn for every survey you complete!

Just beware of scams, though, because there are a lot today! Most will require you to create an account and use a browser to view the surveys properly.

Completing a survey takes anywhere between $1 and $3. You can try finding other websites like this; some of the common ones are:

You can look for other survey sites that are like daily jobs to get paid every single day!


I mean, who could forget one of the traditional daily day jobs that high schoolers — sometimes even college students try? Babysitting has been around for ages and remains one of the best ways to get paid daily.

In today’s day and age, you can transform it into something more digital! Offer it within the vicinity, not just your neighborhood!

Window Cleaning

It is as is — you can try out cleaning windows within the area for a few bucks. Each project won’t scrape out more than an hour, but that’ll depend on the size of the house you’re cleaning.

What’s even better is that you can develop this and turn it into a small business!

House Cleaning

Like window cleaning, house cleaning is also a good cash cow. You can do it yourself, you can hire a few people to do it for you or help you, and you can take orders for work most days.

Create a sign, a poster, or a website to help you find clients in or within your vicinity!

Landscape Cleaning

Gardening, mowing the lawn, cleaning twigs out, or even balancing the grass out of the garden are good sources of cash, too. They may have a little cash involved, but most homes in the country have gardens you can service!


Shipt is like a marketplace for people who resell. It was originally a company of Target but became independent. If you plan on reselling stuff you aren’t using any longer, try Shipt!

You can also be a shopper and get rewards from it!


Etsy is one of those websites that have been known for art. Seeing this page while the site connection is secure is excellent since many malicious bots can pose as either a seller or a buyer, trapping you.

Be sure that you have a connection that is safe, though, before proceeding.

Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is another option you want to try out. Akin to babysitting, you don’t need to have any inventory — you show up, and you’ll get paid!

Occasionally, you may see problems like pets being too aggressive that you can’t control them or them not being friendly to you. But once you master it, you can hire and train people!

Craigslist Gigs

Craigslist has been the go-to for many whenever they need a “job” or a gig. Like other sites, some criminals may pose as legitimate traffic or, even worse, false advertisements on several jobs that can get you in trouble.

It’s imperative to ensure that whoever you’re talking to is legit and safe. Although this site ensures safety, it’s going to depend on the activities of the user.

Overnight Caregiver

An overnight caregiver is a professional that takes care of the aged. Out of all these, this is one of the most lucrative but the most tiring, too. You’ll get paid handsomely for your patience, professionalism, and creativity in caring for seniors.

Warehouse Worker

Warehouse workers also have a great deal of income. They’re more likely to be the most dangerous since you’ll deal with industrial machinery and equipment. However, you can earn cash straight up weekly — even daily for some warehouses and factories.


Another option to take is freelancing. It is one of the newer professional models where people can work on their own time, take on clients, and work for themselves. What’s excellent about freelancing is you’ll dictate your own time! You don’t need to answer to someone higher than you — you have to take good care of your clients, though.

Testing Gigs

Have you ever heard of a job where you’ll test games and programs? There are testing gigs where you try certain things like apps, websites, games, and even other software, and you’ll get paid for it.

Be mindful of these sites, though, because some are scams. A few of the best testing websites out there include:

Flipping Items

Last but most definitely not least is the art of flipping items. You can post it online, like with Etsy, Shipt, or even Craigslist! But you’re not just limited to that; instead, you can flip items personally.

Flipping doesn’t always mean you have to “sell your stuff.” You can buy something and get an item with a higher value of it!

Those are the different daily jobs you can do to get paid! While most of them aren’t really “jobs,” they’re the best ways to earn money.


Here are a few of the most asked questions about daily jobs that most people need answers to!

What Jobs Pay the Most Per Day?

There are specific jobs that pay the most daily. However, they’re unlike the “day jobs” you were looking for, or we’re referring to. These include:

  • Software Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Network Engineer
  • Surgeon
  • OB-GYN
  • Mortgage Loan Originator

What Are Temp Jobs That Pay Daily?

Some temporary jobs where you can get paid daily include machine operator assistants, general laborers, packers, warehouse workers (Amazon), and housekeepers.

Are There Companies That Pay Daily?

Only a few do. However, some companies that are known to pay fast include Accolade SupportWestatCrowdsurf, and Textbroker.

The Bottom Line

Searching the web for “paid daily jobs near me” will often result in you getting offers for specific physical jobs. So, if you want a good mix of the modern and traditional types of jobs, check this list out first!

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