18 Jobs and Apps Similar to Amazon Flex

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If you want to earn extra cash through jobs and apps similar to Amazon Flex, you’re in the right guide! We’ll outline some of the best jobs like Amazon Flex you can do during your spare time.

You can find many of them if you know what to look for and where to find them! From taking a food delivery service side hustle to box truck delivery jobs, we got you covered!

What Are Requirements For Delivery Jobs Like Amazon Flex?

Before jumping to that, it’s essential to know the different prerequisites and requirements aspiring drivers need before applying for a post. Of course, we understand that these requirements will vary from one company to another. But they mostly have some things in common.

To get started with any of these delivery jobs, you need the following:

  • To be at least 18 to 21 years old (depending on the company)
  • A valid driver’s license
  • Your Social Security Number (SSN)
  • A smartphone with mobile data (some companies have minimum smartphone requirements)
  • A reliable vehicle with vehicle insurance

NOTE: Some companies require a minimum of 2 years of driving experience, especially if the job requires them to maneuver trucks and big vehicles.

Now that we have that out of the way let’s dive deep into finding the best jobs like Amazon Flex you can try for your next side hustle!

16 Delivery Service Jobs Similar to Amazon Flex

Work in your own schedule, without a specific boss, and earn a lucrative income with the gig economy! There’s nothing better than abiding by your own hours with a flexible schedule.

Without further ado, here are 16 of the best gig economy job options you can try that brings you closer to being an Amazon Flex driver.



DoorDash is one of those companies that utilize the gig economy to operate. A DoorDash driver (Dasher) is like an Amazon Flex driver — actually, more like an Uber Eats driver because they mainly get orders from restaurants and deliver them to people who order.

It’s considered one of the jobs similar to Amazon Flex because you’ll need to choose a schedule. If your area already has many Dashers, you wouldn’t be able to Dash! That’s one of the primary disadvantages of DoorDash.

Nevertheless, DoorDash has a lot of delivery drivers who have varying vehicles, from scooters and bicycles to motorcycles, cars, and even trucks! Apply and become a Dasher and deliver food in the area where you are in!

DoorDash Requirements:

  • Should be at least 18 years old
  • Must have a valid driver’s license
  • Should have access to a vehicle (scooter, bicycle, motorcycle, car, or truck)
  • Should have valid insurance
  • Must have their own smartphone with mobile data (in case the area doesn’t have Wi-Fi)
  • Social Security Number (SSN)


At first, you would think of Postmates as something that only delivers anything formal — like letters, documents, packages, and other types of non-edible delivery. But no, Postmates is this all-in-one delivery service you can consider as one of the best jobs like Amazon Flex.

The company is considered as a food delivery app, grocery delivery app, and even a movers assistance app, too! They’re in partnership with several restaurants, stores, and shops.

The best part? You don’t have to let them know your working shifts! You simply have to go online and start earning on your own schedule! Apply and become a Postmates driver now!

Postmates Requirements:

  • Must be at least 18 years old (21 years old for delivering alcohol)
  • Must have a valid driver’s license
  • Should have an auto insurance policy (for driving)
  • Background check


One of the perks of being an Amazon Flex driver is that you can specify the hours you’ll be working. You can choose it on the app before you start working. The same idea applies to GrubHub.

You must choose from the available delivery blocks to let other delivery drivers know your chosen schedule. Select the area/region and check out where you can be to get the most orders!

Get a chance to become a Grubhub driver and apply now! It’s one of the many jobs like Amazon Flex so that you can work on your own schedule!

Grubhub Requirements:

  • Should be at least 19 years old (21 in some states and regions)
  • Smartphone with mobile data (Android with 5.0 or higher/iOS 10 or higher)
  • Should have a checking account
  • Must authorize and agree to a background check
  • State ID (for cyclists)
  • Onboarding (before the first delivery)
  • Valid driver’s license (at least two years)
  • Auto insurance


Bellhops is in a different category from others in this list. Similar to other jobs like Amazon Flex, Bellhops is a delivery job that is tailored and partnered with the moving industry.

If you have a pickup truck, a large vehicle that can accommodate big items, or if you are okay with carrying furniture and other household things, Bellhops could be the delivery service job for you.

Like other delivery apps and services, Bellhops would require you to set up a schedule so that other delivery drivers won’t be within your area or region in case you have a schedule there.

Get paid weekly and earn extra cash by being a delivery driver or mover with Bellhop!

Belhop Mover Requirements:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must have a smartphone with a plan (mobile data active)
  • Should be able to work anywhere between two and eight hours at a time
  • Should have a reliable vehicle for transportation
  • Lift 100+ pounds of items
  • Must be able to work on weekends

Belhop Driver Requirements:

  • A 16 to 26-foot box truck (rented or owned)
  • Liability Insurance of $1,000,000
  • Cargo insurance worth $50,000
  • A valid MC or USDOT number.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats doesn’t need any introduction — most of us, if not all of us, already know what it is. From its term alone, you know that it’s a type of service for delivering food or for grocery shopping!

It’s one of these delivery jobs where you deliver food and deliver groceries to people that need them. As the most popular food delivery gig, it has on-demand delivery; drivers are getting requests in many parts of their area!

And while it’s one of the jobs like Amazon Flex, Uber Eats leans more to the side of food and grocery delivery services rather than delivering packages and other similar services.

If you are a first-time delivery driver, then you would most likely have heard of (maybe even have tried) Uber Eats before! When they were new, they had competitive pay, which meant extra money for people who did delivery gigs!

Apply and become a delivery driver with Uber Eats and complete deliveries in your area by car, scooter, or bicycle!

Uber Eats Driver Requirements:

  • Must be at least 19 years old (18 years old for bicycle or on foot)
  • Vehicle (2-door or 4-door car or motorized scooter under 50cc)
  • Valid driver’s license in your name (car or scooter)
  • Social Security Number (SSN)


Probably the closest in terms of similarities with an Amazon Flex driver is a GoShare driver. And while they’re similar when it comes to delivery requests, these gigs pay for the service of “moving.”

In terms of delivery rates, GoShare claims to have the highest margin in the entire gig economy. What’s even more interesting is that the bigger the car, the bigger the items to transport, which can translate to higher-priced delivery orders. As per the company, you won’t get “instant cash,” but you can earn up to $47 per hour, not including tips.

GoShare is truly one of the most lucrative gig economy jobs you can get today, as it has a combination of short and long-haul deliveries. Although the rates are only partially guaranteed, you will, more often than not, find GoShare’s rates higher than its competitors.

Take your shot with GoShare now and apply as a delivery driver!

GoShare Driver Requirements:

  • Must know how to speak English
  • Should be at least 18 years old and must pass a driving history check
  • A valid driver’s license and registration
  • Must have auto or car insurance with the driver’s name on the vehicle (for the state you work in)
  • Should be compliant with local laws (with minimum state insurance requirements)
  • The car must be at least a 2004 year model

FedEx Express

FedEx Express might be the perfect job for you if you’re the type of person who is more keen on long-haul deliveries. And if you’re worried about handling, the company offers public training sessions to educate drivers and customers on dealing with deliveries.

One thing you need to consider essentially is that there are chances to deliver packages that are hazardous or perishable. FedEx has been known as one of the first courier services known for delivering packages from one point to another (in short or great distances).

Take your chances with FedEx Express now and get one of the best jobs like Amazon Flex without going door-to-door!

FedEx Express Driver Requirements:

  • Should at least have a high school diploma or an educational level equivalent to it
  • A valid driver’s license and a good driving record (G or G2 license)
  • Mandatory pre-placement driver assessment training (minimum threshold)
  • Should be able to lift items that weigh up to 70 lbs and be able to maneuver packages of up to 150 lbs with the right tools and equipment

UPS Personal Vehicle Driver

In case you didn’t know, UPS, the well-known and prominent package and delivery company, also hires part-time drivers for their fulfillment. These drivers, known as UPS personal vehicle drivers, would use their own car, set their own schedule, and work on the hours they prefer to deliver packages to their respective owners.

One of the main perks of being a UPS personal vehicle driver is getting a mileage reimbursement per mile they’ve driven while on the field. Even if their drivers only work for them part-time, they’ll be able to enjoy the company’s benefits.

Don’t expect too much, though, because, like with other delivery services, UPS personal vehicle drivers will pay for their own consumption, such as insurance, gas, and vehicle maintenance.

Apply as one of UPS’ personal vehicle driver today!

UPS Personal Vehicle Driver Requirements:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Should have a clean, valid driver’s license with a good driving record
  • Must be able to lift up to 70 lbs
  • Must have a reliable car, and it should be registered
  • The vehicle shouldn’t have any logos of other companies or bumper stickers


You probably haven’t heard of Curri before, but to keep things short and straightforward, Curri is one of the many delivery services with a specific niche — building, and construction. Curri drivers would have to deliver supplies and materials for the construction or structural sector, unlike consumer-centric delivery drivers.

Being a business-to-business (B2B) type of delivery, Curri capitalized on the need for small businesses for supplies. More often than not, you’ll need a pickup truck to be able to carry and transport these types of materials to their rightful destination.

Drive and earn with Curri! Grow your career!

Curri Driver Requirements:

  • Must be at least 18 years old at the time of application
  • Should have a valid SSN or EIN (TIN)
  • Must have a car insurance policy that’s able to meet the state’s laws and requirements
  • Must have a clean and valid US driver’s license
  • Should pass the background check (which will be facilitated by Curri)


Unlike other businesses and companies in the gig economy that deliver packages that are niched down, GoPuff is a different breed. Thanks to their warehouse, they have in-house personnel that categorizes and segregates goods from one type to another.

It’s the company where you wouldn’t actually be asking for what you’ll deliver because it can literally be anything. From gadgets and accessories to furniture assembly and big auxiliary equipment, there’s no real variety in the things that you’ll be delivering!

You just have to make sure, though, that you are near a warehouse so you don’t treat it “bad business” because you’ll spend gas, time, and mileage going there. The company is able to swerve through the on-demand delivery business smoothly!

GoPuff can be the company you’ve been wanting to work with! Try your chances with them!

GoPuff Driver Requirements:

  • Must be at least 21 years old
  • Must have a valid driver’s license
  • Should have a vehicle (with the necessary car insurance in your name)
  • Must have a smartphone with an up-to-date operating system (OS)
  • Must pass a pre-alcohol delivery training course


If Amazon has Amazon Flex, Target Corporation has Shipt. Being one of the similar jobs like Amazon Flex, Shipt can be the company you’ll work for as delivery drivers. The idea is: Shipt in-store shoppers will choose their own schedules.

Then, whenever there’s an order, you, as the in-store shopper, will take their list and purchase it from the shop/store they booked it from.

What’s good about Shipt is the flexibility of transactions. Unlike other apps, Shipt is not only limited to online transactions; you can also conduct offline transactions via meet-ups!

Due to its many perks and advantages, not to mention the fact that it can make you earn $22 per hour on average, the requirements of being an independent contractor for Shipt or a Shipt driver is tighter and stricter than other companies.

Get paid to shop with Shipt or become a driver! Check them out here!

Shipt Driver Requirements:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Should have a valid US driver’s license with a clean driving record
  • Must be knowledgeable in terms of buying fresh products (clean and fresh meat, vegetables, and fruit)
  • Should have an insulated cooler bag
  • Must be able to lift at least 40 lbs
  • Must have a smartphone (either Android or iPhone) and must be literate on how to use it


What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word Roadie? The company has been known in the industry for being full-on flexible, and versatile, especially in terms of delivery.

A Roadie driver can deliver groceries, gadgets, food, accessories, and even furniture — it all really depends on how big your vehicle is. You can deliver the smallest of accessories and devices to the grandest and largest of furniture and equipment or packages. Choose the delivery distance according to your availability!

In addition to their standard delivery driver posts, you can also be a pet Roadie driver. You can take pets to and from their homes to their vets or to and from wherever they are safely and securely.

Working with Roadie is as close to working with Amazon Flex; it’s just that there’s no limit as to what you can deliver!

Roadie Driver Requirements:

  • Should at least be 18 years old
  • Should have a valid US driver’s license
  • Must own a Social Security Number


Have you ever heard of UpWork or any other project marketplace where candidates can showcase their skillset? TaskRabbit is like that but for the physical realm!

TaskRabbit is this gig marketplace where people can hire for help in specific tasks that need physical assistance. Among the most common would be in moving, assembling furniture, or even other essential things inside the home. Still, the services can span from cleaning and painting to yard work, handyman help, and even slight renovation — browse through the 50+ categories that they have!

Often, candidates see TaskRabbit as something that pays more than Amazon Flex; thus, it’s known as one of the best Amazon Flex alternatives.

Get paid via direct deposit, earn money per hour, and never worry about your schedule because you’ll be choosing your own! Apply and be a Tasker now!

Tasker Requirements:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Should be capable of working in one of the active cities
  • Must submit ID and consent to a background check (ID check)
  • Must have a checking account with a certified financial institution
  • Should know how to use and operate a smartphone
  • Must have a Social Security Number (SSN)


I don’t know about you, but from the name of the company alone, it should already be clear how it all works. For the benefit of everyone, though, DeliverThat is this service that shows commitment to both ends by making a delivery driver transport things more accessible and safer while guaranteeing safety and security to the customer.

They made the model simple and easy to understand: the driver receives delivery information, they’ll then pick up the food/item, and drop it off at the destination. As easy as that.

For food, drivers are required to photograph the food boxes arranged! You can choose how you can get paid — but the rate is per hour! Box trucks, pickup trucks, standard cars, and even motorcycles are going to be accepted.

Drive with DeliverThat and earn extra money!

DeliverThat Driver Requirements:

  • Should at least be 19 years old
  • Must have a clean and valid US driver’s license
  • Should have vehicle insurance and registration proof
  • Should pass a delivery test


Have you ever heard of what a personal shopper is? It’s when people ask for your assistance in buying things from afar — say, a boutique, shop, or grocery. Joining InstaCart as part-time in-store shoppers or independent contractors is one of the best Amazon Flex alternatives. The only difference is that you’ll be the one to do the shopping and you don’t need to have a vehicle!

You take your customer’s shopping list, do the shopping, and then deliver it to them. For drivers, there are no maximum hours set, but this is where a vehicle will be needed to deliver groceries to customers.

Try your luck out with InstaCart now and earn extra money on the side!

InstaCart Requirements:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Should be eligible to work in the United States
  • Should have a smartphone (minimum of iPhone 5 or Android 4.4)
  • Must be capable of lifting 30 to 40 lbs of weight
  • Should have access to a vehicle (for drivers)


Last but most definitely not least to wrap our list up is CitizenShipper. It’s known as one of the best jobs like Amazon Flex because of how the delivery platform operates, how it’s set up, and how people can earn money from it.

The model is simple: drivers will see the requests in their area, and if they can be fulfilled, they can make an offer to the user who made the request. If it’s accepted, then the driver can proceed to get the order and then drop it off at the agreed drop-off destination.

It’s a great way to make and save money for both drivers and shippers. Like Roadie (as well as others in this list we haven’t mentioned), you can use CitizenShipper to transport your pets, too!

Check out CitizenShipper and see how you can apply!

CitizenShipper Requirements:

  • Should have a clean and valid driver’s license
  • Must have vehicle insurance and other licenses applicable to state laws
  • Must pass an ID verification and background check
  • USDA certification (for transporting animals)

With these 16 services, you can be the courier service you always wanted! Browse any of these delivery companies and become an independent contractor. Who knows? This might be the path you’ve been looking for.

Make money delivering food, delivering packages, or via a grocery delivery platform, and work on your own timing! Get paid weekly and per hour of your service!


Have you got more questions? Don’t worry; here are some of the most asked questions about being independent contractors through these delivery gig apps and sites in our time today!

Is Amazon Getting Rid of Amazon Flex Drivers?

No, they do not. However, as with many Amazon delivery jobs, the company will discontinue and deactivate an account that hasn’t had any shifts for the past six months. As a matter of fact, the company’s still actively recruiting in US cities.

What Are Jobs Like Amazon Flex Near Me?

There are tons of options if you are looking for a side hustle in delivery gigs. You have Bellhops, GoShare, UPS personal vehicle driver, Roadie, and many more! You can even opt to go for a grocery delivery service or a food delivery app, too! Depending on the company, you can get paid weekly or daily, straight to your bank account.

What is the Highest Flex Pay on Amazon?

In June 2023, the highest rate would be an hourly of $24, totaling to $50,000 in a year. The lowest percentile, which is the 25th percentile, sits at $16 per hour at $33,000 per year.

Final Thoughts

Are you finding it difficult to find jobs similar to Amazon Flex or other food delivery apps? Check this list out and see if you’re capable or eligible to use any of it for local deliveries! These jobs like Amazon Flex could be the best-matching jobs for you! Look at what they’re offering, what the benefits are, and how they work so you can your compatibility with them!

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